By Daryl Killian

This is the longest name that I’ve ever seen from Acura, but to be fair, this car may have the longest list of safety features that I’ve ever seen too. Click here for full list.
The TLX is the culmination of years of technological advances that have been tested in the previous TL and TSX models. It also borrows heavily from the new RLX and MDX models in Acura’s line. The TL and TSX were far too close in size and ability to justify keeping both in the line up and with consumers demanding more interior space in vehicles today, Acura chose to do away with both names and meet in the middle with the all new TLX.

Shifter free gear selection.

Shifter free gear selection.

The TLX Tech Package gives you every safety feature that a driver could possibly need and some that you may not necessarily use. For instance, the Lane Keeping Assist System will actually take control and navigate the vehicle without driver input for long stretches of highway. The sensors on this vehicle are so advanced and sensitive that whether the drivers hands are on the steering wheel or not, the lane keep assist system steers through curves. Also, when traffic ahead stops or slows, if the driver doesn’t react immediately, lights begin to flash on the windshield and a passive braking application begins to keep the vehicle under control. Talk about “autonomous” vehicle.
Acura has always been known for technology and with this SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive) system’s ability to anticipate road conditions and the drivers inability to react, the driver is sure to look like a professional driver in those rare occurences that inclimate weather combined with unfamiliar territory render the driver too inexperienced for conditions.
If you’re in the market for a mid-sized, luxury sedan, do yourself a favor and test drive the TLX 3.5 SH-AWD on a rainy stormy day to appreciate the technology under this new sleek sheet metal. Just don’t start the negotiations on the test drive.

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