1. Seth Rollins’ Leaked Photos

Monday night, right before the WWE’s flagship show Raw took the air, Seth Rollins’ social media accounts tweeted out (apparently unbeknownst to him) a textbook NSFW picture of a female developmental talent and allegedly, his fiancee then tweeted out a couple different nude photos of Mr. Money in the Bank, both of which were quickly deleted. Rollins did issue an apology, but clearly none of this is really his fault.

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Since he’s one of the WWE’s top guys currently it probably won’t impact his career, but it certainly doesn’t help the PG rated, family friendly image the WWE is pushing.

2. NXT Takeover

NXT is becoming the best 60 minutes of programming WWE puts on all week, with tonight’s special NXT Takeover: Rival being no exception. Headlined by Sami Zayn defending the NXT Title against Kevin Owens, a match all the marks have been looking to since Owens signed with the WWE. The two former indy darlings have had some epic battles in ROH and I expect them to put forth an A plus effort once again. If that wasn’t enough, we’re also getting Adrian Neville vs. Finn Bálor, as the finale to the exciting No. 1 Contender’s tournament and Charlotte putting her Women’s Championship on the line in a Fatal 4 Way match with Bayley, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch. If you have the WWE network and aren’t watching NXT, you’re doing it wrong.

3. Darren Young Takes issue with Abu Dhabi Show

Openly gay wrestler, Darren Young was held off the WWE’s international tour of Abu Dhabi and took to twitter to complain about it. The since deleted tweet read, “Why do we bring the best entertainment into a country like abu dhabi and they look down upon women and gays? I get it! #MillionsofDollars” He then went on to post the following tweet.

The WWE issued a statement saying basically that they were keeping him home for his own protection as the UAE’s laws and customs are unfriendly to LGBT, and as I understand it, they often leave the Divas off the middle east tours as well. Sucks for him, and I can understand the WWE’s position, but if they’re going to make it a big deal to stand beside Darren in coming out, it does ring hollow when they’ll still perform in countries that don’t offer him the same rights and protections.

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4. Ring of Honor coming to Norcross

Ring of Honor is a northeast promotion that has brought us many current stars such as Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Samoa Joe, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens and many more, so it’s a great show to check out the up and comers like Adam Cole and ACH along with established veterans like Jay Lethal, The Briscoe Brothers and AJ Styles. It’s especially great for those fans out there who prefer the in-ring action over the sideshow antics that populate most companies’ weekly programs. Their upcoming live show is taking place at the North Atlanta Trade Center on February 21st and is headlined by The Briscoes versus The Kingdom in a 2 out of 3 Falls Tag Team Armageddon match. Also scheduled to appear are TV Champion Jay Lethal, Georgia’s own “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles and former Atlanta Falcon Quinn Ojinnaka AKA Moose.

5. Stardust vs. Goldust and Miz vs. Mizdow Taking Shape

Two highly entertaining tag teams look to be coming to an end with the recent developments between Star and Goldust and The Miz and his “Stunt Double” turned “Personal Assistant” Damien Mizdow. Stardust AKA Cody Rhodes has been teaming with his brother Goldust for a couple years now and before re-signing with the WWE, Goldie had been pushing for a Wrestlemania match against his real-life half-brother Cody. The WWE has done a great job of not rushing this feud, with the tandem only coming to blows just this past Monday and credit to them for not doing it last year when Cody was trying to find Goldust a new tag partner.

Similarly, Damien Sandow(later, Mizdow) had been languishing as a comedy character until this past summer when he became The Miz’s “stunt double.” The Stunt Double gimmick was great, with Damien pantomiming Miz’s every action, so much so that “We want Mizdow” chants became common at WWE live events. The two had a brief run with the tag titles and have been going back and forth with The Usos in an equally entertaining tag feud. The feud started at the Royal Rumble with Mizdow refusing to give his spot in the Rumble to The Miz who had already been eliminated from the titular match. Since then Miz has been openly antagonistic towards Damien forcing him to become his assistant and openly mocking him and the fans who support him.

While these four men have been a cornerstone of the tag division in the last couple years, I think we can get a couple really great ‘mania matches out of them with the patience the WWE has had to let their storylines and history develop.

6. John Cena appears in trailer for Judd Apatow’s Trainwreck

If you’re a Total Divas fan, you already know John Cena’s girlfriend Nikki Bella was not happy with him getting close to star Amy Schumer for scenes in this film, but it’s cool to see it come to fruition. John Cena’s a huge WWE star, but still ranks way behind The Rock in crossover appeal, and one can assume having a role in a Judd Apatow film will give his popularity a real shot in the arm.


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