The rule is the rule, right? If a player is goes to the ground in the process of making a catch, he must maintain control throughout the entire process of contacting the ground.

That doesn’t mean the ball can’t touch the ground – it can. The player only needs to maintain control of the ball. Bryant lost it momentarily as he extended for the goal line. Therein lies the issue with the rule, and the way officials have enforced it since Calvin Johnson catch back in 2010. But as my man Stephen A. Smith says HOWWWW-EVER, this runs deeper than Bryant’s catch or the way the rule is written. This is indicative of something that has become more and more prevalent in “The way NFL games have been officiated in recent years.”

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As an emphasis on player safety increases the freedom of referees to interject themselves into every play also increases. I believe this is the problem.

Dez Bryant was penalized for trying to make a play. I hate this because it’s what guys get paid to do MAKE PLAYS! Think about this if he had just corralled the ball, brought it into his body, and didn’t attempt to extend towards the goal line, the call would have stood as a completion. How crazy is that! Make the catch Dez and then just fall to ground! Every WR in the NFL knows its all about the Y.A.C! Hell every QB wants their wide receivers to get Y.A.C cause it helps their numbers! (YARDS AFTER THE CATCH)

So what happened on Sunday in Green Bay as Dez Bryant extended, leaving himself exposed and the referees free to interpret. Officials have gotten away from the spirit of football and become focused on nuance and minutia.

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How can a team’s season come down to a referee’s perspective of whether or not a receiver extended his arm enough?

We can argue the validity of both calls, I think it was a catch and the Cowboys should be in the NFC Championship game going to beat Seattle this weekend, like they did earlier this season, but I digress. We can argue if the officials got it right, and we can argue if the rules are poorly drawn.

What we can NOT argue is that officials have played a more prominent role in games than the players, and that should never be. LET THE PLAYERS DECIDE WHO WINS AND LOSES, NOT THE GUYS IN WHITE AND BLACK UNIFORMS.

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