So we got our answer on Mike Smith when he was fired on Monday morning. But with that being the ONLY move… for now… I still have five questions that remain unanswered…

5. When is Matt Ryan going to stop throwing the “Romo” pick? A killer running game has helped Romo avoid his patented brainfart pick this season, but it’s coming. Trust me, it’s coming. Ryan is who he is, a very good–but not elite–quarterback. You can win a title with him, but not at his cap-restrictive number because it leaves too many holes in the lineup.

4. Did the leak of the Falcons hiring a search firm to look for a new head coach cost them the division title? Initially I thought it was, but the 49ers and Jets remained focus and competitive amid their coaching instability, so I can’t give the Falcons that pass. Carolina’s defense, which was nasty during their four-game winning streak, might have had something to do with it.

3. Who will the Falcons draft with the eighth overall pick? It better be one of these big-time pass rushers or this town is going to rebel! First two rounds should be pass rushers, next two rounds should be offensive line, and go best available with what’s left.

2. How did Thomas Dimitroff keep his job? Apparently, TD and Smitty were NOT the package deal we thought they were. I think the Falcons would have been better off cleaning house like the Bears and Jets. But if your going to keep TD, then extend his contract to remove his lame duck status…and the mystery… as well as the potential for more major turnover at this time next season.

1. Who’s the next head coach of the Falcons? Rex Ryan. Period.

Happy New Year, Falcons fans!


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