By Mark Zinno

It’s my first year covering the Falcons. So I am trying really hard not to get caught up in too much of the emotion that goes with following a team on a nearly daily basis. Now, this is not the first losing team that I have covered in my career – heck, I’ve covered plenty – but this certainly is one of the more perplexing teams I’ve ever been around.  And that’s simply because of the inconsistency. Being inconsistent is more frustrating than losing.

See, you can handling being flat out bad and losing. That makes sense. Certainly, we all can handle winning. But being inconsistent, is probably the most maddening thing because you never know what you are going to get. It’s very similar to decorating a house with your wife. You really don’t care if she picks the brown tiles or the beige tiles. As long as she definitively picks one. There’s nothing worse than when she picks the brown, you buy them and start laying them down, and she says, “You know what? I think the beige look better, let’s get them!”

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That’s  the 2014 Falcons. It’s digging a 31-7 hole in the first 30 minutes. Then watching a record setting performance against what may be the best team in the league, in the next 30 minutes.  Someone tell me who they are?  See, the general theory about inconsistency is that it’s either players aren’t talented enough, or the coach isn’t getting that talent to perform at a high enough level.  And both of those point to one of two solutions: change the players or change the coach.

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Some may even say change both!

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One thing is clear, that Sunday when the Falcons take the field at the Superdome in New Orleans, their inconsistency will come with them. It’s something they haven’t been able to escape all season. And even though the Saints are probably equally as inconsistent, I doubt there is much faith in Falcons fans to pull off a feat that hasn’t happened since 2002, or ever in the Mike Smith era, and that’s sweep the Saints.