Former Steelers great and Hall of Famer, Mean Joe Greene joined The Morning Show with Marc & Randy to reminisce over his career, if his Steelers defense was the best of all time, and what current player plays more like he did in the 70’s.

When asked what the “Steel Curtain” meant to him, “Mean” Joe Greene answered “I think about those guys as being here and I know they’re not and I think about how life moves ahead. It wasn’t long after I was saying to myself how great it was for us to be together in that place and time after our retirement. I have memories of the fun times, I have memories of us ascending to where we did win Super Bowls.”

Asked his prediction for this Sunday’s Steelers vs Falcons game, Mean Joe said ” From what I’ve seen the last few weeks, looks like the QB’s will have the hot hand. Both threw the ball a lot and scored a lot of points”. Let’s hope that the only QB with the hot hand this weekend will be Matt Ryan.