College Football’s silly season is in full swing as Florida’s AD Jeremy Foley gets his man in Gainesville and The Huskers make an uninspiring hire.

At first it looked Foley might have blown it on former Bama Offensive Coordinator & CSU Coach Jim McElwain because the Gators & Rams bean counters couldn’t make the buy out numbers work.  But according to CBS, McElwain will receive an average of $3.5 million annually over six years ($21 million total).

Florida will pay Colorado State $3 million over six years while McElwain will pay $2 million of the buyout. Colorado State will then be paid $2 million for a future game in Gainesville between 2017 and 2020. How’s that for creative financing? Wish I had these guys refinancing me when I was upside on my Corvette back in the early 90’s.

Nebraska continues to be irrelevant in the National Championship picture and fires the prickly Bo Pelini. Aside from the occasional January 1st win like last year’s Gator Bowl over Georgia the Huskers are clearly in that second tier of perennial also-rans. Many teams  would dream of consistently winning 9 or 10 games and have bonafide Heisman candidates like Ameer Abdullah.  But Bo Pelini had clearly worn out his welcome in Lincoln. You’d think Nebraska would swing for the fences and snag a marquis name for the new head coach, right?  Their choice… Oregon State’s Mike Riley… Huh? Riley spent 14 seasons as the head Beaver in two separate stints (he coached the Chargers from 99-01′). In those 14 seasons Riley has gone 93-80 overall, and 58-63 in Pac-12 play. Factor in that he’s 61… and what part of that is compelling? As much of a jerk as Pelini was to some Husker Fans, Riley is a lateral move at best.

Meanwhile Auburn & Texas A&M could be in a bidding war for former Gator Coach Will Muschamp. I know  a lot of Seminoles fans that would love to see Jimbo Fisher replace first year DC Charles Kelly with Muschamp.

FSU battles Georgia Tech Saturday Night in what should be a rainy Charlotte for The ACC Championship. As hot as Tech looks right now with it’s opportunistic Ted Roof defense and stable of great A &B backs for Paul Johnson’s option attack, this the least team the Noles wanted to see. Justin Thomas is a perfect fit and the best QB Paul Johnson has had on The Flats. Charles Kelly was on Johnson’s staff for 7 years and will have some insight into defensing the Jackets’ option but it comes down to FSU playing disciplined defense, not exactly their calling card.

If Jamies Winston has one of his slow turn over plagued starts FSU might dig themselves a hole they wont be able to come back from. Especially if GT runs the ball down their throat the way they did to the Dawgs in Athens last Saturday, FSU might only see the ball 3 or 4 times in the 2nd half.

Who knows where Jameis’ head is at? He just sat thru 2 days of Code of Conduct hearings in Tallahassee. His attorney’s strategy was for Winston to not go on the record (save for a closing statement), the logic being, don’t give the alleged victim’s camp any ammunition for a civil suit. And he’s coming off his worst performance of the year throwing 4 picks in another squeaker win over the Gators at Doak.

Just as discipline is so important for defending Tech’s option, FSU’s WR’s have to be letter perfect with their routes and cant quit on a catch. Jameis has threaded the needle dozens of times this year but the Gators DB’s jumped all over some of those tough throws.

If the weather is as bad as they say this could be a low scoring affair, I’ve gotta ride out this crazy year with my Noles, FSU 21, GT 17.

Not much to say about Mizzou-Bama… The Tide will Roll.