NFL Hall of Fame WR Jerry Rice joins The Morning Show with Marc & Randy to discuss his trip to China teaching football and some of his memories as a player.

When asked if current recievers tend to shy away from him, Rice responded “I’ve had some guys to reach out to me and that might be something that I pursue down the road because I see the game and it’s a lot different now and I don’t like what I see. Football is the greatest sport ever and whenever you step on the field you should be able to show your best quality of football. I don’t see that happening now and when you don’t see things happening a certain way you have to get out there and get involved.”

Speaking on Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones, Jerry Rice said “It’s unfortunate with Julio Jones that he’s had some injuries. Everything that I get from him and the team is that he’s a hard worker, he goes out everyday and does his job and I would live to work with him.”