Its been an emotional week for the Dawg Nation. Within 24 hours, we lost our hopes of making it to the SEC Championship followed by an ugly loss to in-state rival Georgia Tech.

As we wait to find out what Bowl we get to complain about, I was thinking about how nerve racking this week has been and I need to by stock in heart burn medicine.

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So, if each team in the SEC was best represented by 1 Corporate Sponsor, who should it be?

(thanks to fans on social media for help with some of these)

1) UGA: PriloSEC (just makes sense)

2) Alabama: Bandwagon Pinot Noir Wine (Thanks Adam)

3) Arkansas: Cinemax at 2 am (high expectations, but always a let down)

4) Auburn: Lucky Brand Jeans

5) Florida: 5-Hour Energy. Anything to stay awake this season. (Thanks Bobby)

6) Kentucky: The Kentucky Mens Basketball Ticket Office

7) LSU: TruGreen Lawn Care (Thanks AT)

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8) Ole Miss: What company makes those little red/blue dresses the co-eds wear on game day? That one.

9) Miss. State: Guitar Center

10) Missouri: The Big Bang Theory (A successful program, yet we cant find any hardcore fans)


South Carolina: Coors. (If its good enough for a shirtless Spurrier, its good enough for you)

Tennessee: (now you’re singing the song)

Texas A&M: Taylor Swifts Music (we cheer against it, but secretly respect it)

Vandy: The Twitter Account @EmptySeatsGalore

(Honorable Mention) GT: Schlage Locks Triple Option Deadbolt (Thanks Anna)

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Got your own addition for this or another school? Let me know on Twitter @Marko6262