Black Friday offers have permeated television, internet and airwaves since Halloween. It seems that Thanksgiving is just the proverbial “bump in the retail road” these days.

Everything from 0% down, 0% interest loans, to “no payments until next year” are enough to get even the most skeptical auto shoppers to take notice. The key is to get you to their website or showrooms. According to sites like and, its working. The auto industry is on track to sell 17 million cars and light trucks in 2014.

If you haven’t taken the leap and you’re still on the fence about buying automobile, you don’t want to miss today’s show. We’ll uncover hidden messages in advertising claims, discuss financing terms and give tips on choosing the right vehicle, securing financing, taking the proper test drive and finally negotiating from a position of power.

And ladies, special guest Kimberly Lachelle from will be in the studio to take your questions and share her first-hand automotive experiences from the female perspective. You don’t want to miss this weeks show! For more information about Kimberly and follow the links below and tune in to WAOK 1380 AM. or online at today (11/29/14) from 10 am until 12 noon.

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