By Jon Chuckery

Next Friday, Nov. 28th represents what we know as “Black Friday” (Or as I call it… Amateur Hour), the day when the official holiday shopping season begins. As our Atlanta Falcons move into the last quarter of their season I thought I’d get a head start and put together my list of the 5 items I want to buy the Falcons for next season…

1. An “in the trenches” minded GM or Asst GM… The fate of T Dimitroff has yet to be determined but his history has shown that when it comes to drafting along the lines of scrimmage its been poor at best. Even Jake Matthews, who we all know is battling through injuries, has performed below expectations. Moving forward this team desperately needs someone who can evaluate talent on the lines not just at 1st Round level but more importantly at lower round to find that diamond in the rough. If we don’t start drafting better this team won’t be in position to succeed down the road.

2. Vic Beasley DE Clemson… Nothing this team needs more than a Pin your ears back… See that guy under Center… Go knock his block off… Romper’ Stomper’… QB sacking machine. Few players in CFB the last 2 years have been better than Beasley. Some label him a one trick pony but for the Falcons his one trick is the most important piece of the magic show.

3. A coverage Linebacker… The NFL has obviously become a pass happy league with many teams having deep threat TEs who stretch the field. Today’s NFL requires you have Linebackers who not only step up to stop the run but they have to be able to turn their hips and run downfield in coverage. I’m not sure the Falcons in the last 15 years have had anybody who fit that bill but in today’s game it’s a premium.

4. A pass catch 1st TE… We all knew the Falcons in one offseason would not replace Tony Gonzalez’s production and that’s OK. Moving forward for this offense, having a TE who Matt Ryan can check down to as a safety valve becomes a valuable asset especially not knowing the futures of WRs R White and J Jones. More weapons at Matt’s disposal will only help him be better.

5. A road grader at RT… If you invest a $100+ million into a QB then few things are as important as protecting him. We know the future is near for Jake Matthews to be the long term starter at Left Tackle but having a bookend on the other side would be just as valuable. The future of the franchise still lies on the arm and ability of Matt Ryan so keeping him upright with time to throw is paramount to success.

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