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The holiday season is officially upon us, which means you’re starting to freak out about what you’re going to get everyone on your list.

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Don’t worry, we here at want to help make your holidays truly happy. So, to help soothe your worried mind we’ve come up with a foolproof gift guide for all those music lovers in your life. This way you can go back to relaxing with some hot cocoa watching all your favorite holiday specials.

Instead of just getting them another iTunes gift card—boring!—we’ve got a few out of the box suggestions for the Taylor Swift or Beyoncé or One Direction fan that has everything.

Seriously, these gifts are going to knock their socks off. Since there are no socks on this list, we suggest the Ginger Metal Sweatshirt, courtesy of the Foo Fighters, as a suitable alternative.

Check out the 18 items we think you’re music-loving friend or family member will love below.

Because nothing says you truly care like an inflatable confetti banana from Miley Cyrus or a Lana Del Rey prayer candle.



1. Foo Fighters Ginger Metal Sweatshirt


Perhaps, Dave Grohl‘s turn as the Devil in Tenacious D’s film The Pick of Destiny inspired the Foo Fighters’ latest merch item. Or, maybe the guys thought ugly sweater parties were just not metal enough. Either way the band has a sweater with a gingerbread man who truly knows the number of the beast. Seriously, check out those pentagrams. –Brian Ives

Available for $29.99 via Foo


2. One Direction Hot Water Bottle & Cover

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 1.26.46 PM

Popular in the early 20th century as an easy way to keep warm on frigid nights, we can pretty much guarantee that even the most hardcore One Direction lover in your life won’t already own a hot water bottle, let alone one emblazoned with the 1D logo. With the vinyl revival already in full swing, the return of snuggling with hot water bottles can’t be far behind. Perfect for the teen or octogenarian Directioner in your life. –Scott Sterling

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Available for $20.49 via One


3. Print of Taylor Swift’s Cats Meredith and Olivia


You, like us, are probably still bummed about not getting an invite to Taylor’s 1989 Secret Sessions. But now, thanks to Sara Lucasi, you can feel like you’re always in Tay’s home with a handmade painting of her cats Meredith and Olivia. The purrfect gift for any Swift fan. Seriously, we won’t even judge if you decide to keep this one for yourself. –Annie Reuter

Available for $6.40 via SaraLucasiArt on Etsy


4. Beyoncé “Single Ladies” Dance Illustration

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 3.31.08 PM

This poster from DrawMeASong is a flawless*** choice for any Beyoncé fan, single lady or not. -A.R.

Available for $10 via DrawMeASong on Etsy

5. Lana Del Rey Prayer Candle


When you’re alone in your room, unwinding after a long day, reach over to that stereo, flip on some Ultraviolence and pray to the patron saint of sadcore. It’ll get you through your summertime sadness and your place will also smell fantastic. Just as we imagine Lana does. -Kevin Rutherford

Available for $17.95 via IdolWorship on Etsy



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