By Mike Bell

Walking out of The Georgia Dome Sunday I felt like Dan Akroyd in that scene from Trading Places, where his life has come off the rails. After a dog has peed on his leg and it looks it couldn’t get any worse… it starts to rain.

And that was what it felt like to be a Falcon fan around 4:00 Sunday. A cold driving rain was waiting for us as we walked into the late Fall twilight. Our team had clawed it’s way back to lead the Browns only to have our hearts broken.

A mixture of anger and frustration fills your heart after a loss like that. This game like 4 others this year were winnable, right there for the taking. But this team doesn’t know how to finish off their opponent.

We all know this team’s limitations. Despite not having any play makers on defense, Mike Nolan’s guys forced the Browns to kick 3 FGs. Brian Hoyer gave ya the game on a silver platter. He threw 2 INTs in the last 9 minutes.

The offense which is supposed to be the Falcons team’s strongest asset has been an underperforming stock in our portfolio.

Matt Ryan was awful Sunday, he and Julio Jones connected for a TD throw down the seam but were out of sync the majority of the game. The running attack was non existent.

We went from throwing too many predictable wide receiver screens to throwing not one! Dirk Koetter’s play calling in the last few possessions was all over the place. First too conservative then too aggressive.

Then you have Smitty’s latest brain fart with clock management.

With less than a minute to go,  you eat clock, run the ball force the other team to burn their timeouts so when they get ball back the odds are long that they cant get in position for a FG.

Not in Mike Smith’s world. We call a timeout. According to Smitty in the post game press conference the Falcons wanted to have the best play call for the 3rd and 2. We should’ve just ran the ball forcing the Browns to call 2 timeouts.

A Pop Warner League coach knows this.

By the way , our best play call… a bomb to our punt returner.

At Mike Smith’s press conference Monday afternoon he owned up to mismanaging the clock and not giving his team the best opportunity to win the game.

After The London Debacle I though for sure Arthur Blank was gonna fire Smitty. Surely The Owner understands
that the fickle Falcons fan base needs a sign this kind of sideline ineptitude will not be allowed to continue.

Now I understand the big picture. Arthur still sees the division as winnable. If the Saint loses Monday Night, the Falcons are still in first place at 4-7.

He’s not going to blow out Smitty even with 2 former head coaches on the staff. I’d roll the dice with Mike Tice or Mike Nolan, or even Special Teams Coach Keith Armstong.

The other aspect to this season for Mr. Blank to consider is how Falcons fans feel about ponying up for the pricy personal seat licenses that come with the new stadium. I heard a lot of belly aching by fans leaving the stadium about PSL’s.

Like “If he thinks I’m gonna shell out 5 grand for this, he’s nuts” to be exact.

Arthur Blank made his billions by knowing what the customer wants. Please give the people what they want Mr. Blank, and… fire Mike Smith.

And while you’re at it tell the General Manager to clear out his office too. He put this team together after all.