By Mike Bell

It took 3 weeks for The College Football Playoff Committee to screw things up.

A one loss Oregon team jumps the defending National Champion riding a 25 game win streak? A TCU team that gave up 61 points in a loss, is in football’s final four right now, but a 1 loss Alabama team playing in the toughest division is out?

Are they doing this just to pull our chains? Is this all to drive conversation on sports talk radio and SportsCenter? What’s going on inside the committee’s meeting room? Open bar? Midget strippers, athletic directors on whippets?

The College Football Playoff Selection Committee said they were leaving their agendas at the door.

It sure looks like they’re dead set on limiting the SEC to only one team in this format in favor of teams from the West to whom defensive football is an alien concept.

No one understands what this committee is basing their decisions on. Strength of schedule? Margin of victory? Favorite mascot?

It still boggles the mind that the one college sport that generates the most fan interest, TV ratings and revenue can’t decide a champion the way every other sport does. With a multi-team playoff.

We fans never ever get what we want! None of the bowl committees or University Presidents or Conference Commissioners or TV networks gives a damn about the people who truly love and support the game.

First we had multiple writers’s polls with co-National Champs then the convoluted BCS, now this charade.

Did you know the letters NCAA aren’t even on the Championship trophy?

Every other sport from Women’s Field Hockey to The College World Series to March Madness has a true playoff format…but football with all the billions of dollars in revenue from the bowls and TV contracts cant figure it out?

An 8 team playoff would work fine. Base it on the AP Poll and be done with it. Sure the 9th and 10th place team would get their feelings hurt, but I’d rather let those teams complain than have a one loss team with a tough schedule get hosed.

An 8 team playoff with the top 2 teams getting a bye is a hell of a lot better than the abstract nonsense of this football playoff committee.

What has and always will stand in the way of common sense and progress are the stupid Bowls and their stooges in sport coats and the power they still wield over college football. The BCS Championship didn’t solve the problem. It was a half measure.

If I was The College Football Czar I would drop a bomb on The Rose Bowl. That bowl committee’s stubbornness has been like an anchor dragging a potential playoff to the bottom of the sea.

For decades all The Rose Bowl ever wanted was the old farts from The Big Ten spending the New Year’ week in Pasadena. So what if it’s “The Grandaddy of em all”…I would have told their bowl committee to pound sand 15 years ago.

The argument by the bowl committees that fans could never travel on short notice for a playoff was nonsense. They had three quarter full stadiums in many of BCS bowl games at the end of it’s run anyway.

The BCS’ rankings also stuck America with an all SEC LSU-Alabama rematch in 2011. This new playoff committee is here to make sure that never happens again.

So now we get the “and 1” format…using a rotation of the big money bowls, this year The Rose & Sugar for the National semi-finals leading up to the title game in Jerry World.

Over reaction is in most college football fans’ nature. I know I was hopping mad when I saw the new poll Tuesday night.
Lets hope that in the next few week this new 4 team playoff sorts itself out.

Lets hope these stuffed shirt football bureaucrats take some of the negative feedback from their newest rankings to heart.

Because if this week’s rankings decided our Football Final Four in January it would be a travesty.

You know what the worst part of this playoff committee nonsense is ? We’re stuck with this lemon til 2025.