UGA Great Herschel Walker joins The Morning Show with Marc & Randy to discuss the state of the UGA program.

Walker discussed the Todd Gurley situation and if Mark Richt made the best decision to not play him. “It’s sad because he is such a talented football player. I think that Coach Richt right now is doing the right thing because he (Gurley) did something that was against the rules and you have to be punished for it.”, said Walker.

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He also took a trip down memory lane and recounted some of his greatest memories playing at UGA and for Vince Dooley.

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Herschel criticized players like Jameis Winston and shares why he didn’t vote for him for the Heisman last year. He also talks about what the Heisman means to him and should mean to everyone even after they have left college. Walker said, “I think that being an athelete is something a little bit more. A lot of people can run the ball, shoot a basketball, or hit a baseball, but I think being an athelete is having someone that’s gonna do the right things most of the time or try to.” Finally he discusses winning at all costs no matter what vs is doing what’s right.

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