On NewsOne Now with Roland Martin, a more reoccurring trend that has happened in schools where teachers are intimate with students. Both male and female educators alike are engaged in relationships with underage students, but when reported in the media, there are two different results.

At a New Orleans-area school, two teachers, Shelley DufresneRachel Respess, have been charged with carnal knowledge of a juvenile, indecent behavior with a juvenile and contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. They were arrested and then released on bond. The way this was even brought to the light is the student bragging to other peers of the encounter, which sparked an investigation.

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The general reaction when a young male has an encounter with a female teacher is one where it is something that brings the male a “status” or “validation” that he is somehow a man amongst his peers. Whereas, if its a young female that has an encounter with a male teacher, her innocence is taken away and the male teacher is a pedophile. Same action brings forth a completely different stigma.

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Roland Martin asks his own male staff members & took your calls during his show today. Listen to the comments below:

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