by @TaraLipinsky

The 2014 NBA Rookie class has some pretty impressive talent, but what do we really know about these elite prospects? What makes these guys tick and what are they passionate about off the court? Well, you’re about to find out.

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 Here are the top ten NBA Rookies you should follow on Instagram.

1. Julius Randle 

Kentucky’s “Lucky Lefty” had a solid rookie debut as an L.A. Laker scoring 10 points and eight rebounds.

What you’ll find on Instagram:  #TBT, fashion and mom.

2. Doug McDermott

The Chicago Bulls SF knows he can shoot. Now he thinks the key to his success is honing his defensive skills.

What you’ll find on Instagram: Family, food and #ChiTownRestaurantSeries.

3. Marcus Smart

Boston Celtics rookie guard Marcus Smart has amazing defensive prowess but is known to be a little on the aggressive side.

What will you find on Instagram:  Adidas kicks and his green-eyed girl.

4. Andrew Wiggins

The number one draft pick Andrew Wiggins may be playing for the Timberwolves instead of the Cavs, but with eight points, four rebounds, three blocks and three assists in his first pre-season game, his genius potential is already on display.

What will you find on Instagram:  endearing silly shots and #selfies

5. Nik Stauskas

This Michigan star turned Kings rookie was recently busted by teammate DeMarcus Cousins for taking a photo of a wad of cash.  Funny, that didn’t turn up on Stauskas Instagram account: 

What you will find on Instagram: lots of pictures of his hot girlfriend. Can you blame him?

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6. Jabari Parker

The second overall draft pick out of Duke is arguably one of the most interesting first-year talents and could end up being the Rookie of the Year. 

What you will find on Instagram: art, videos, pro-basketball #TBT’s and historical quotes.

7. Joel Embiid

Thanks to back injury, the 76ers rookie out of Kansas may be sidelined for the season.  Hopefully, he won’t be spending his time wooing married celebs.

What you will find on Instagram:  #selfies, photos of him in his Sixers uni’s and hospital pics. 

8. Nerlens Noel

And speaking of sitting out a year, Noel isn’t officially a “rookie” but after suffering a torn ACL this is his first year seeing court time.

What you will find on Instagram:  a view into his charitable works, wedding crashing and Oprah! 

9. Tyler Ennis

The former Syracuse point guard signed with the Phoenix Suns during the offseason.

What you will find on Instagram:  Rookie initiation photos, birthday shout-outs and family.

10. Elfrid Payton

The Magic rookie out of Louisiana-Lafayette Elfrid Payton is already impressing his teammates and it’s only the pre-season.

What you will find on Instagram:  his girlfriend, his hair and photos of his home state.


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