A prayer vigil is scheduled to be held at the Georgia State Capitol this afternoon for Bou “Baby Bou Bou” Phonesavanh who was severely injured in a drug raid in Habersham County, Georgia, earlier this year.

Attorney Mawuli Mel Davis tells V103/WAOK News that the vigil will be held at 2pm, on the Washington Street side of the Capitol. Davis, who represents the Phonesavanh family, says the vigil is being held, “As the world awaits the determination from the Grand Jury in Habersham County whether they will charge any of the officers involved in severely injuring and disfiguring Baby Bou Bou”.

Members of the SWAT team in Habersham County said that they were after a suspected drug dealer on that night in May of 2014. The child was injured when a flash bang device landed in the playpen where he was sleeping. Baby Bou Bou received injuries to his face and chest. The family was visiting from Wisconsin when the incident occurred. They have returned to Wisconsin.

The SWAT team, according to a press release, has joined a task force that is under the watch of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

“We are expecting a ruling either today or tomorrow”, according to Davis. The Grand Jury has been deliberating since last week. They are discussing, Davis says, “whether any of the officers involved in disfiguring Baby Bou Bou would be hit with any criminal charges or be indicted.”

Asked how the little boy is doing, Davis says, “He is still recovering. He had to have a surgery about a month ago which required 60 stiches to his face and 70 stitches to his chest.” Davis adds, “The baby will likely have to have these kinds of surgeries every two years until he reaches the age of 20 because his nerve endings in his face have been so severely damaged that they will continue to have to do these plastic reconstructive surgeries throughout most of his life.”

As for today’s prayer vigil, Davis says, “The family and supporters ask that people come down to the State Capitol because we believe that whatever the verdict is, in the decision that is made by the Grand Jury in Habersham, it is going to reflect on all of Georgia, whether Georgia is a state that has the moral consciousness to address this wrong that happened to this family or they will continue to be victimized by not arresting anyone or not charging any of the officers.”

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