By Mike Bell

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is… The Braves Way.

Fredi Gonzalez by all accounts is a great guy. Not his fault that this team was ill conceived from the start by former GM Frank Wren. Not his fault Dan Uggla and BJ Upton were zeroes in spikes this season.

You could argue Fredi did a great job last season juggling dozens of different lineups due to injuries to win the Braves the division pennant. But being the Braves, it was only to come up short  in 4 games to the Dodgers.

Fredi quizzically leaving his best weapon (Craig Kimbrel) in the bullpen with a one run lead in the 8th at Dodger Stadium. They lost 4-3 and another meaningless division pennant goes up in left center at Turner Field.

The Braves announced last week that Gonzalez will return to manage the Braves in 2015. Still waiting to see who will take over for interim GM John Hart.

Baseball insiders expect the Braves to make a run at Royals GM Dayton Moore. The former Braves scout and assistant GM to John Schuerholz has done the darn near impossible, making Kansas City viable again.

Call me crazy but I would go outside the Braves Family for the next GM.

How about a completely fresh approach? A new set of eyes to deal with this team’s inadequacies.

How about giving John Schuerholz another gold watch and tell him and Bobby Cox to go play golf. The current Braves triumvirate including John Hart wasted no time in bringing Fredi back.

The Braves way ain’t the way to winning championships. I got a great idea. Steal some brain power from St. Louis. Or raid San Franciso’s front office. Both franchises make better decisions and both know how to win the last game of the season.

The Cardinals over come losing a star like Albert Pujols and still make it to a World Series. They’re always in the mix and know how to make it out of those pesky 5 games series that have killed Atlanta for the last 15 years.

Try the Cardinals way, try the Giants way… either way please put the Braves way out to pasture.