Tennessee will get someone before the year is over. They will sneak up on and beat a team they aren’t supposed too. Maybe they get Florida on Saturday, they’ve still got Missouri at home and later in the season road trips to South Carolina and Ole Miss. I don’t know who Tennessee beats but they will sneak up and get someone you don’t expect them too. They were one or two plays away from beating Georgia on Saturday. It’s the little things that make a difference when you’re playing in the SEC. Those small mistakes come back to haunt you.

Not a great performance Saturday by the Georgia offense. The Dawgs were 1 for 10 on third downs. Todd Gurley is simply the best college football player right now, the run where he leaps over a Tennessee defender, yeah, that was awesome. In a great series between two proud programs, Gurley’s run will go down in Georgia lore like Hershal running over Bill Bates.

Mike Bobo was destroyed on Twitter for his play calling but the second half of the game he fed Gurley. Gurley responded. Now the Dawgs have to figure out how to get the ball down the field. Some sort of vertical passing attack. They really need Justin Scott Wesley and Malcom Mitchell back. Both are expected to play this week. They won’t need them against the woeful Commodores but hopefully Georgia can use the game as a chance to work on some stuff, like throwing the ball down the field. The Dawgs won’t win an SEC Championship throwing seven yard outs.

Georgia’s defense has issues in the secondary. Okay, we knew that, but it’s even worse than we imagined. Receivers are running wide open. It’s not just one hole in this secondary, there’s a couple of holes. The good news for the Georgia defense, the front seven played well. When the experienced Justin Worley left the game for Tennessee with an injury and the inexperienced Nathan Peterman came in, Georgia unleashed the front seven and went after the quarterback.

Pretty fun Saturday around the SEC. Tennessee/Georgia was entertaining until the end. Arkansas/Texas A&M went into overtime, Kentucky won their first SEC game since 2011 in beating Vandy. Ole Miss had their kicker thrown out of the game for fighting against Memphis and Missouri upset South Carolina at home. This week promises to be every bit as good with Ole Miss hosting Alabama, LSU visiting Auburn, Tennessee welcoming Florida into Rocky Top, Mississippi State plays host to Texas A&M.


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