FSS/MLB Network Analyst and Former Atlanta Braves Pitcher, John Smoltz joins The Morning Show to discuss he firing of Frank Wren and the current state of the Atlanta Braves.

When asked his thoughts on the Braves firing Frank Wren as GM, Smoltz replied “I’m sure they were looking to fix some of the things that hasn’t gone right. The production just wasn’t there. Being a GM is not an easy task and when things don’t pan out and don’t work, I think that’s what led to to move.”

Asked if he thought the team quit, Smoltz answered “It’s real easy to look at stats and analytics and try to put together a team. That doesn’t always work. You’ve got to be a little lucky as a GM in the sense that you’ve gotta have players play above their head and you’ve got to hit on the guys that are your marquis players and that hasn’t happened. Those components can make or break certain times in your ball club. When things are as frustrating as they are, it’s gonna looked like guys have cashed it in. I don’t believe that.”