Stealing crab legs from a Publix? No sweat. Sexual assault accusations? We can handle that. Yelling vulgar obscenities at the top of your lungs in the Student Union? The straw that broke the proverbial Seminole’s back.

Jameis Winston doesn’t get it, probably won’t ever get it, and could care less about getting it. And the reason why is because Jameis Winston is all about Jameis Winston. Everyone and everything else is background noise in his world, one in which he sees himself as the next Deion Sanders or Bo Jackson.

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The problem is that Winston’s not nearly as savvy as those other two-sport superstars, and certainly not as smart. And I’m not talking about academics here. What possibly could’ve compelled him to do what he did in regards to this latest incident on campus? After all, he wasn’t alone. He was in a building full of other students who have instant access to social media…and thus the world at large. Either Winston wasn’t thinking, or, he was thinking, and just didn’t give a crap.

Sure seems like the second option is the most viable. No different than the crab legs.  It’s called bravado, and it serves Winston well on the football field and baseball diamond. Just not so well off of them.

In the obligatory apology, Jameis said, “that was a selfish act, and that’s not how you do things around here.”

Sure sounds like he repeated what he must have absorbed from Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher, who will sit down his Heisman Trophy winning star quarterback for the first half this Saturday against Clemson.

How brave of Jimbo. A whole half.

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Like that will matter.

Then again, maybe it will should the Seminoles somehow lose to the Tigers in Tallahassee. Not to Winston, of course, but I’d imagine the FSU faithful — who have all along had Winston’s back despite his aforementioned missteps off the playing field – would express their collective disdain for him if the Noles saw their repeat National Championship hopes derailed as a result of his stupidity.

Ultimately, everyone needs to look past the great athleticism, and most importantly, see through that homespun “aw shucks” exterior that Jameis Winston exudes.

It’s all an act.

Winston is all about Winston, a “me” guy to the max. In fact, I’m surprised he hasn’t thought about playing basketball for the Seminoles in between football and baseball. Then again, he still has time to try the trifecta if he stays at FSU – as he says he will – for another couple of years.

And the way things are going, with the increasing number of red flags he’s providing for that bastion of good behavior — the NFL — Jameis Winston is costing himself millions of dollars.

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And that’s a lot of crab legs.