By Mike Bell

I’ve done this show before… Black Monday for UGA.

In my sixteen years in Atlanta, the show I hate to do most is the annual “there goes Georgia’s Championship hopes”.  Dawg fans call in to scream about firing Mark Richt or which ever UGA coordinator is screwing things up. For the longest time I have supported Mark Richt, but I’m beginning to think it’s time for a change in Athens. I’ve seen this movie before…

Usually it’s Mike Bobo or Willie Martinez then it became Todd Grantham. Jeremy Pruitt is just 2 games into his tenure so Bobo gets the lion’s share of the heat this week despite the Dawgs D giving up 38 points in Columbia.

As bad as it was Saturday (Georgia allowed 447 yards of offense and 5 TDs to the Gamecocks), Pruitt’s young secondary steps up and makes a play late. Damian Swann picks off Dylan Thompson and Georgia has the ball on Carolina 3 yard line with a chance to win the game.

With the best running back in the country at the opponent’s 3 yard line… Bobo goes play action to a roll out, Carolina’s DE Gerald Dixon ain’t buying it which results in intentional grounding and now it’s 2nd and goal from the 14. That’s when he decide’s to use Todd Gurley. Unbelievable.

The whole complexion of the series changes, you’ve squandered the scoring opportunity and you’ll settle for game tying chip shot…which is missed by Marshall Morgan. Then Carolina eats clock and gets a dubious spot on a 4th and goal which ends the game.

Georgia fans will cry about the link of chain or the “phantom holding call” on Brandon Kublanow that brought back Todd Gurley’s 54 yard TD  romp back… but it never should come to that. Georgia was the better team.

As Bubba Blue asked his best friend Forrest Gump before expiring by the river… “Why did this happen?”

It happens because Georgia’s coaches always seem to get tight in big moments… like the end of the SEC Championship Game against Alabama. Spike the damn ball!

Some years it’s not a choke it’s just a complete lifeless like effort like the 2007 upset loss in Knoxville. Which resulted in the booby prize trip to a Sugar Bowl thrashing of Hawaii instead of the SEC Championship and potential BCS Title game…

Sometimes it’s asinine coaching decisions like trying to match Boise State’s up tempo offense in 2011 instead of pounding the snot out them on the Georgia Dome turf.

Mark Richt changed the culture in Athens with David Pollack & David Greene in the early 2000’s. With signature wins like the “hob nail boot” game in Knxoville the Dawgs swung the dominance pendulum to their side over the Vols.

For the longest time Florida was the Dawgs nemesis. How many times was the drive back from the cocktail party a trail of tears? But now with Will Muschamp’s offense looking like a monkey humping a football even that rivalry has swung Georgia’s way. The SEC East is there for the taking…

And now UGA cant Beat South Carolina. Steve Spurrier has won 4 of the last 5 from Mark Richt.

The Bulldogs like the Braves, like the Falcons, hell like all of Atlanta Sports is always this close.

We don’t fire coaches or managers in Georgia, instead we have expectations for a championship that get dashed and we come back next year and the same thing happens. Isn’t that the definition of insanity doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

For years the firing of Tennessee’s Phillip Fulmer was the cautionary tale for athletic directors and fans to point and say “the devil you know is the better option”. It will take years…years for a new coach to come in do better than Mark Richt.

Anybody see what Gus Malzahn did last year?  In one season, from 3 wins to a National Championship Game…

Wake up Dawg fans.