On today’s show Reverend Al Sharpton is joined by Dr. Earl Ofari Hutchinson for Hot Button Monday. The two discuss various topics that have been making headlines in the past week, and callers called in to give their opinions on the subjects. One story that broke news over the weekend was the detainment of black Django Unchained actress, Daniele Watts. Watts was handcuffed and detained by LAPD after police received a complaint of “indecent exposure” by two people in a Mercedes. Watts says she was fully clothed and was just showing affection to her boyfriend who happens to be Caucasian. The actress also claims she feels race played a part in her detainment. The LAPD are currently investigating if race played a part in the incident. Sharpton and Hutchinson discuss their thoughts about the incident. Do you feel the actress was wrongly detained? Does the incident seem to be race-driven? Listen to a part of the discussion below and tell us what you think.

You can also log onto http://www.waok.com to live stream the Keeping It Real w/ Al Sharpton Show or call Al live at 1-877 532-5797 to join the conversation.


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