Allie LaForce is CBS Sports’ lead college football reporter and new SEC on CBS reporter working alongside Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist. She will report from the sidelines on Saturday’s SEC ON CBS matchup Georgia @ South Carolina. Kickoff is at 3:30PM ET on CBS.


Five Questions with Allie:

  1. Do you see this as a must win game for South Carolina?

Absolutely! In order to stay alive in the Eastern Division race, South Carolina has to beat Georgia this weekend. With one SEC loss already to Texas A&M and a schedule that will send them to Auburn, Florida, and Clemson late in the season, the Gamecocks can’t afford a second early conference loss. It is also a high pressure game for Georgia who has earned ‘all eyes on’ after a tremendous start to the season. Add the fact that this will be only the second time we can see Georgia play because of the bye.

  1. There’s a lot of optimism among Georgia fans after what they did to Clemson two weeks ago. Are they right to be excited?

Georgia fans should absolutely be excited, especially because Georgia wasn’t even picked as the favorite to win the East. Todd Gurley is healthy and on pace to break records and the new defensive system looked strong in Week 1. Just don’t forget that you are talking about a South Carolina team with Steve Spurrier at the helm, talented players and home field advantage – even if they did lose at home already this year.

  1. What do you see as the biggest storyline in the SEC this year?

How will Alabama and Auburn respond after seasons that left them with a chip on their shoulder?  How will the SEC make out in the new college football playoff system? When will Bret Bielema win his first SEC game? SO many to choose from. Maybe the biggest storyline will be finding out which player will earn the hearts of fans and critics after so many big names in the SEC moved on to the NFL last year.

  1. You grew up in Ohio. What did you know about the SEC and what exposure did you have to SEC football prior to this year?

I knew NOTHING about the SEC growing up. I was an Ohio State fan who literally thought Ohio State was the only football program in the country. My family drove all the way to Tempe to watch them win the Fiesta Bowl National Championship in double overtime and I didn’t miss a single game on TV. Then I went to Ohio University and we played the Buckeyes in at least one sport every year. You weren’t received very well (to put it nicely) if you rooted for the Buckeyes. Once I started covering sports for a living, I started to learn all about the SEC and slowly but surely came to the realization that the SEC is on a whole different level than college football in the rest of the country. I can’t wait to live it every weekend with all you!

  1. What are you most looking forward to as you travel around to different SEC schools this year?

I am looking forward to the PASSION, the packed stadiums, the loud noises, the sound of helmets cracking, the emotion of the coaches and players during interviews, helping put on an incredible telecast for the fans, the different Southern restaurants, the Southern accents, the chaos, the competition and potentially another National Championship!


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