Atlanta (WAOK)-Bounkham “Baby Bou Bou” Phonesavanh, is resting today after undergoing surgery on Wednesday at a hospital near the family’s home in Wisconsin.  The now 22 month old, was severely injured in May when authorities, carrying out a search warrant, tossed in a flash bang grenade that landed in Bou Bou’s crib.

According to family attorney Mawuli Mel Davis, “The surgery was to remove the scar tissue in his face that’s attached to his skull.” Baby Bou Bou sustained injuries to his face, neck, and chest in the incident. He spent five weeks at an Atlanta hospital.

The family was visiting Habersham County in Georgia when the SWAT team burst into the home, looking for an alleged drug dealer.  No drugs were found.  Also, no arrests were made.

Davis says the toddler has a lot of stitches in his face. “The pictures are really, really troubling. He’s recovering with his family. He’s able to sip some apple juice right now, but he has a long road to recovery”, according to Davis.

In August, Habersham County said that it had decided not to pay the medical bills for Baby Bou Bou, citing a pending lawsuit. According to Davis, the county stated that it was illegal for them to pay the medical bills, which Davis said, are now over One Million Dollars. Davis adding, “We know of no law that would prevent them from paying the medical bills. So, this family is emotionally spent because of the surgery, and now to find them in a million dollars worth of debt, with apparently no help from Habersham County.”

Davis says that the Phonesavanh family could use help from the public in helping with expenses. “They can log on to the website and try to make any donation that they can to try and help the family sustain themselves.”

The District Attorney in Habersham County has yet to decide whether the lawmen involved in the raid will face any criminal charges. Davis says that he, and some community leaders, are hoping to meet with the D.A. next week. “We want to try to find out how soon he will present the case to the grand jury and find out what evidence they’ve uncovered during the course of their investigation.”


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