DECATUR, Ga. (CBS Atlanta) — A pastor claims prayer brought a member of his congregation back to life after he went into cardiac arrest during a church service Sunday.

Pastor Dr. E. Dewey Smith told WGCL-TV that the man went into cardiac arrest and was unconscious for 15 minutes. That’s when Smith told his congregation to pray for him.

“I just felt led to pray,” Smith told WGCL. “I didn’t know what else to do. I felt it was a critical situation so I just wanted to pray and I do believe in the power of prayer.”

He told the congregation during the service at the House of Hope Church that the man was fighting for his life as paramedics worked to revive him.

“This individual is in a critical condition as a matter of fact right now… He’s fighting for his life right now,” Smith said during the service. “I stopped when I saw a cloud come in. He’s fighting right now for his life. He’s in a sanctuary right now fighting for his life.”

Smith asked the congregation to pray while CPR was being performed.

“I speak right now in the name of Jesus, that God’s going to have the last word. I want you to open your mouth right now and start praying, that life is going to come, that his heart will start beating,” Smith demanded.

Church member Christina Hairston said the man did flatline at one point.

“You could feel the power in the room,” Hairston described to WGCL. “You could feel the Holy Spirit in the room. When the man came back to life, that was just a moment of victory for us.”

The paramedics were already at the church for another call that turned out to be nothing and had not left yet when the man went into cardiac arrest. Church members called it divine intervention.

“What was even more of the blessing of God’s hand was the fact that there were already emergency medical people that were already on campus at the time,” Khaalida Forbes told WGCL.

She added: “God is bigger even than science.”

There is no word on the man’s condition.


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