NFL Network analyst and lead analyst for Fox College Football, Charles Davis joins the show to discuss the Atlanta Falcons and the NFL.

When asked his assessment of the Falcons 32-7 loss to the Texans, Davis shared “That final score wasn’t great and losing Sam Baker was a very tough blow. I don’t want to get up in arms about Atlanta, but a lot of the questions we had are still there. When you go back to last year, the edge rusher going to Arizona was the Branch Rickey for the Falcons. Osi Umenyiora was supposed to be the answer. The O-Line is still questionable.”

Charles Davis also shared his thoughts on today’s NFL: “The college and the pro games are starting to morph together” said Davis. “I watched Pittsburgh and Buffalo on a replay and it was one on one in the open field.”

Davis shared that the Falcons have to “get back to health” and a strong running game to get back into contention. He feels that “they are a 10 win team that’s bucking for the playoffs this year”.


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