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To submit yourself for these jobs, follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS:

Tammy Smith Casting

“The Originals” (TV)
* Caucasian Men/Women too portray “Vikings”           18yrs & Older
* Men – w/Long Hair and Beards
* Women – Long Hair and a “Nordic/Scandinavian” look
* Put “Vikings” in subject line.

“Vacation” (Film)
Continuation of National Lampoon’s “Vacation” films.
* Men/Women – All Types – All Ethnicities           (Building Database)  18yrs & Older
* Men/Women – Too portray “Hippie” Types               18yrs & Older
* Put “All Type or Hippie” in subject line.


Marinella – Hume Casting

“Constantine” (TV)
* Men/Women – Real Airport personal – Attendants, Ticket agent, etc. 18yrs & Older
* Men/Women – Experienced Custom agents & Border Patrol. 18yrs & Older
* Put “Airport personal or Custom agent” in Subject line

“Bolden” (Film)
(Movie set in early 1900’s world of Jazz)
* Men – A Wealthy Look – w/Well Groomed Beards (All Ethnicities) 25yrs & Over
* Older Black man (AA, Jamaican, etc) – Too portray “Old School Barber” 55yrs & Older
* Put “Well Groomed or Barber” in subject line

“Ride Along 2” (Film)
* Men/Women – w/“Fast & The Furious” Look & Cars (All Ethnicities) 18yrs & Over
* Night shoots all next week – Must be available thru Friday
* Put “Night Ride” in subject line


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