By Jordan Tracy

It’s a common belief that golf is pretty straight forward, plain and simple. However, with Sergio Garcia’s drive that hit a woman’s ring yesterday as a reminder, sometimes weird things can happen on a golf course. With that, here is my list of five recent weird golf moments.

5. Attack Of The Jumping Cactus!

After getting brushed back by a shot taken from Rory McIlroy, a spectator falls into some jumping cholla cacti.


4. Jimmy Walker And The Bird.

Jimmy Walker’s tee shot gets a little push from a bird in mid flight.


3. Sergio Garcia Goes Tree Climbing.


Sergio Garcia’s ball ends up in a tree and he decides it’s best to go for a one handed shot from inside the tree.


2. Phil Mickelson Aims High, But Falls Shorts.

Well, that was unexpected…A spectator becomes part of the action when Phil Mickelson’s shot ends up in his shorts.


1. Sammy The Squirrel 

Sammy the squirrel became the course mascot during the 2013 President’s Cup when it made friends with Davis Love III. Love began to carry Sammy in his pocket but shared his new friend with Tiger Woods’ girlfriend and professional skier Lindsey Vonn in order to mess with Woods. 

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