On T Terren Jones:

“We certainly hope that Terren will be alright. We don’t have any update right now. As soon as we do, we will release that information. Anytime a player doesn’t leave the field under his own power, you are always concerned about it. ”

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On whether he was mobile after the injury:

“I am not going to comment about any of that stuff. He had the best medical attention when he was out there. Those guys do their job and we will get a report as soon as we can. ”

On DE Ra’Shede Hageman leaving practice today:

“Yes he did [get into a] scuffle. He left the field. I don’t have any details on that. We are all talking about competing and fighting for jobs. We are not talking about fighting each other. We’ve got to understand that. It’s not what we are about. We’re about competing and going out to try and win a job. We’re not about fighting one another. That is something that happens when it gets hot and today it was hot, hotter than what we are used to practicing in. We have definitely got to get that fixed. ”

On if the numbers of injuries are concerning at this point of camp:

“No, they are not. There are going to be injuries in training camp. You look across the League, there are teams every day that are having guys that are getting tweaked. There are even guys, as you know, that are getting major injuries and going to miss time. I am not concerned about it. We have got to continue to work smart, physical, and passionate. That has been the message from the very beginning. I think we are doing the physical, I think we are doing the passionate, but I don’t know if we are always working as smart as we can. That is something we will continue to stress with our players.”

On getting S Tyrell Johnson caught up:

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“I am very confident that we can get him up to speed. He’s played a lot of games in the NFL. He has played both strong and free safety. We did a lot of work on him when he was coming out. He was our first draft class and I do remember spending lots of time on him. We know what he is in terms of being able to play both strong and free safety. ”

On whether Jones was taken to a hospital:

“Yes, he left the facility. Obviously, if he left the facility, he’s gone to get different care than what we are able to provide in an EMT situation and get evaluated. ”

On goals for tomorrows practice with the Tennessee Titans:

“It’s going to be very important, for us, to go out and execute against some guys that we haven’t lined up against. Anytime you have been going against the same guys, you get into a routine. This will be a good challenge for all of our players, in terms of going out and competing against those guys. We are going to be seeing some different schemes, some different techniques.  It will be fun to watch the guys compete. It will be the first day we haven’t installed. We will have nothing new going in. We will want to just let these guys work on things they have practiced prior to running the plays tomorrow.”

On the replacement of former TE Tony Gonzalez:

“It comes into play, not only with replacing Tony at the tight end position, but replacing Tony with his touches. Tony has been a very productive player his entire career, especially here in Atlanta. There might be multiple tight ends that are going to get touches.  We are also going to have to redistribute the ball to other players. It’s going to give other players, not necessarily tight ends, but other players on our offense the opportunity to get touches.”

On agreements made for tomorrows practice:

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“The rules are that we won’t be tackling, just like we have been practicing here. There will be no live sessions. There will be tagging off. We worked against the Titans two years ago, so some of the guys on that squad know it. Ken [Whisenhunt] and I have had numerous conversations. Mike Mularkey is on their staff. Mike has done these practices, with us, six or seven times. He is familiar with it. We want to go out and we want to be smart. If a guy is in a compromising position, we need to not take a shot. I think we are very aware what the rules of engagement are. ”