By Adam W. Bloom

There is nothing I enjoy more than watching fans make incredible catches at the ballgame.  It’s really a random side show like in no other sport. In fact many fans come prepared with baseball mitts as if they were a part of the game. Other fans have decided they don’t need a stinkin’ mitt – they have another item that works just as well – their beer.  Here are a few fine examples and as always drink responsibly…


5. The Hole in One

This Giants fan was actually trying to avoid the ball – but you won’t believe where it landed (after banking off her chin first)


4. The Beer Vendor

Earl Chaney – a beer vendor for the Philadelphia Phillies- makes a great catch and then gets high fives up and down the aisle.


3. The Balancing Act 

You’re holding a beer, the ball is coming right at you – here is how you should react.


2. The Spill 

Off the railing, directly into his beer – completely thrilled that his drink is all over him.


1. The Chug

An amazing catch over his friends followed by an epic chug that leaves the announcers in stitches.



Here is a way to make new friends…


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