We all know athletes have a ritual, routine, tradition or whatever you want to call it leading up to games. Some do the same thing everyday, some have a certain ritual they have to follow to a T on game days. However, these 7 athletes have the most bizarre and unusual superstitions in the game. Take a look at some of these superstitions and you decide which one is the most bizarre. (Hint: my pick is number 6). 

7. Wade Boggs 

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The Boston Red Sox Hall-of-Famer reportedly had a few superstitions that included taking batting practice at 5:17 pm, woke up at the same time everyday and most notoriously, ate chicken before each game. Can you imagine eating chicken each day for basically 162 consecutive days ( a few days off here and there)? That is insane.

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6. Turk Wendell 

Perhaps the most OCD and superstitious player of all time, Wendell was a funny guy to watch. Wendell would skip across the baseline in order to avoid touching it and chewed two pieces of licorice while he pitched. But his most bizarre routine? Brushing his teeth in the dugout after every inning. Turk must be a dentist’s dream.

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5.Sergio Goycochea

Sergio, a former Argentinean goalie for the National team, is known for a somewhat odd tradition. After every penalty kick he faced he would relieve himself right on the pitch. Nowadays that would never fly but back then Sergio was caught with his pants down a couple of times. 

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4. Michael Jordan 

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MJ. His Airness. This basketball legend would reportedly wear his UNC shorts, from back in his playing days at North Carolina, under his NBA shorts. Maybe both pairs of shorts made him jump higher?

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3. Moises Alou 

The former Cubs outfielder, the one most famous for his attempted catch in the “Steve Bartman” game, allegedly would pee on his hands to toughen them up. If there is no jellyfish sting, there is no need to pee on yourself. #noifsandsorbuts

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2. Les Miles 

In stressful games, the LSU Tigers head football coach swipes the field and puts a piece of grass/turf in his mouth and eats it. Cameras have caught him several times and Miles has even joked that Tigers Stadium has the best tasting grass. At least he isn’t smoking it, right?

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1. Jason Giambi

Back in 2008 when Giambi was with the New York Yankees he reportedly wore a gold thong to break out of his slump. Teammates Derek Jeter and Johnny Damon supposedly have tried the trick too and said it works. Whatever works, man but let’s just hope they each had their own and didn’t share with each other. 

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