Training Camp…

Around here we start planning for this several months out. We first met about it in May of this year.

We look forward to the time we get to spend with the players, the interviews, the face to face time with the Falcons fans and most importantly the time we get to spend with you guys, hanging out at Flowery Branch while OUR Falcons practice and get ready for the upcoming season.

Sure, this year will be a little different. Ok, a LOT different, with HBO’s Hard Knocks being in town, but that will just add a little fuel to the circus fire that is Training Camp.

We can already smell those great Training Camp sandwiches, that fresh, warm, mid-summer air and we can already hear those drills being run and whistles blowing.

pic001 Looking Ahead To Falcons Training Camp 2014

(Yeah, this sandwich!) Credit: Rob Hamilton

We are working hard to assemble the best team possible to bring you guys some real in-depth coverage of the Falcons and what we can expect this year.

Hopefully we get to see you out at Flowery Branch this year. If you haven’t made one trip out there, especially with your kids, you need to come see this at least once… or twice.

See you guys soon at 4400 Falcons Pkwy, Flowery Branch, GA!


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