Atlanta Film Office

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To submit yourself for these jobs, follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS:

CL Casting

“Mineral” (Film)
* Men & Women – w/Military experience or look           18yrs & Older
* If booked – most will work entire month of August
* Put “Military ” in subject line

Marinella – Hume Casting

“If Loving You is Wrong” (TV)
* Men/Women – Nice Wardrobe for Diner scene           21 – 55yrs (All Ethnicities)
* Need Lots of Fresh Faces – (All Ethnicities)
* Put “Diner scene or Fresh Face” in subject line

“Satisfaction” (TV)
* Men/Women – w/Upscale / Wealthy look for BIG scene at “Burlesque Show”
* Men/Women – Hot, Trendy, Good looking people (All Ethnicities) 18yrs & Older
* Put “Burlesque, or Good Looking” in subject line

“Constantine” (TV)
* Irish/Scottish/Welsh rough looking Men / portray Miners (Non smiling pics) 30 – 55yrs
* Sleight of Hand Male Magician w/amazing card skills. 21 – 40yrs
* Unique looking Redheaded Boys & Girls. Shy faces, Bully faces, etc. Under 10yrs old.
* Put “Miners or Magic Hands or Redheaded kid” in Subject line

Extras Casting Atlanta

“Triple Nine” (Film)
(Starring: Kate Winslet, Woody Harrelson)
* Men/Women – “Cop” types 21yrs & Over
* Hispanic Men/Women & Kids
* Put “Cops or Hispanic” in subject line.


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