(WAOK)-Safe Kids Cobb County is an organization that educates parents on proper car seat installation, but now feel another issue is more important.

Lisa Grisham of Safe Kids feels that it is crucial to inform parents on how a child’s body temperature can go up really fast when left in a car.

CBS46 News has been following the case of Justin Ross Harris. He is accused of leaving his two year old son Cooper to die in a hot car on June 18.

According to Safe Kids, there have been 15 deaths nationwide from children left in hot cars.  To help raise awareness there was a demonstration where thermometer was placed inside a van to show how high the temperature can go inside a vehicle.

The thermometer showed the temperature in the van rising from 97 degrees to over 102 degrees in about five minutes.

“When you leave a child in the car, their body temperature can go up three to five times faster than an adults.  So even if the temperature were 81 degrees outside, inside a car it will be over 100 degrees,” Grisham said.


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