ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – Flying and having sex are what dreams are made of, reports Live Science.

Researchers conducted an online survey in which they asked people about their dreams. Of nearly 700 respondents, 571 said they were lucid dreamers.

In a lucid dream, the dreamer is aware of his or her actions and can control what they are doing. Many lucid dreamers report trying to change their dreams by turning nightmares into something more pleasant or trying to communicate with the people they dreamed up.

The researchers asked them what plans they made while awake that they would like to carry out in their dreams. About 350 lucid dreamers provided examples.

Most wanted to do things that are impossible to do in real life, like flying, breathing under water or traveling through time.

“Of all waking intentions, flying was the most popular one,” the researchers said.

Also popular were physical activities like having sex and playing sports.

They might try to change a scene or carry out aggressive actions like fighting, killing and robbery.

“(L)ucid dreamers are likely to be active in their lucid dreams, and aim to accomplish different actions, such as flying, talking with dream characters or sex, yet they are not always able to remember their intentions and successfully execute them,” the researchers said.

About half the time the dreamers couldn’t remember what their intentions were. Often, when they did remember, they were unable to, said the survey.

Participants answered questions about how often they had lucid dreams and when they first realized they could control their dreams.

On average, they had three or four lucid dreams a month. Some reported having as many as nine lucid dreams in a month.

The first lucid dream can occur as early as age 3, but it seems most likely to happen the people around ages 12 to 14.

The study is published in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

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