Here are the top 5 reason why LeBron James should come to Atlanta:

5) Way of Life. Atlanta reigns supreme like no other with it’s ‘southern hospitality’ (ie. Cleveland) and would gladly embrace King James and most importantly his family, with open arms to the city that so many global leaders (Martin Luther King Jr. for example) once called home. With that warm southern welcome backed by a nice ice cold glass of sweet tea making him feel right at home all over again but better (Cleveland again). How does the term “Country Cool” sound?

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4) Weather and Nightlife. After considering the multiple historic cultural sceneries around the city along with many other attractions, great weather for the most of nine of twelve months throughout the year makes a huge difference. Considering, many celebs live here already during the offseason with plenty to do for a young athlete approaching his 30’s, local nightclubs & lounges are ideal and often features many of today’s hottest entertainers, actors, actresses and TV/Media personalities where few cities can compete. Throw in the city known as the Hip Hop/Rap capital, and the favorable ATL leaves a mark like no other.

3) THE BUDENHOLZER/FERRY WAY. This is better known as the system. Ever get tired of guys not coming to play and be competitive at their best EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, being left unsure of who’s coming to perform when the lights shine brightest? Those days are behind you in ATL. A well-disciplined, defensive-minded group with a combination of youth and experience, has all but that 1 missing piece to the puzzle…The Superstar! The Hawks’ role players are some of the best you can find around, all bought into a winning system implemented around doing just that. No fuss of who’s not getting the ball enough of their liking to shoot. Everyone knows their role here. The team (Spurs) that ousted King James did so by playing this way. Stacking teams full of superstars was unnecessary although playing fundamentally sound was. Winning multiple titles with only one superstar can be done. (See: Mike Budenholzer’s championship pedigree as a longtime assistant with San Antonio)

2) The players: Arguably one of the best frontcourts in the NBA (Al Horford & Paul Millsap), one of the best up and coming point guards in the league (Jeff Teague) still yet to see his best basketball played so the future is bright. Need long range shooting? I think its safe to say that won’t be a problem with number 26 on the roster (Kyle Korver).

1) Marketing. Sure it’s not LA or New York but stress comes with those cities where countless championship banners hang fluently. Winning in Atlanta can come much easier than in Cleveland and Miami. The fan base is great. Put your own stamp on this league and organization by doing it in a place where it’s never been done since The Human Film (Dominique Wilkins). Drama-Free basketball is the way to go, getting the best out of you, your coach and fellow teammates with a team that has yet scratched the surface of it’s full potential maximized for the future ahead. Not to mention the school systems (for the kids) rank as some of the best in the nation too!

We asked and you guys always deliver…

We asked you on our Facebook page at for the ONE THING that YOU would tell LeBron to get him to come to Atlanta and the Atlanta Hawks.

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Here are some of our favs:

#3) (From Frank R.) “You can have the keys to the city!! Magic City!!” Ok, so it’s not a legit responce, but it was darn funny.

#2) (From Michael R.) “He can throw powder in the faces of every Real Atlanta House Wives before the game!” Again, not a legit reason, but still pretty funny.

#1) (Robert B.) “This city is hungry for a championship.” Ok, it’s a legit reason, but so is every city with an NBA team. However, it may be truer here than in most any other city. With the history we have here with the Braves, Falcons, Hawks and other teams Robert’s statement is especially true. And while that by itself is not enough, it’s a spark that could start a huge fire.

Lebron is not coming to Atlanta.


Not happening now, will never happen.

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But it’s fun to kick around the things we’d say to him if we could just say one thing to convince him to spend a few years in our fair city.