Great question…

Automobiles have been my passion since I was old enough to read a magazine. My dad subscribed to Motor Trend, Car and Driver and Road and Track. I was such a “motorhead” that the anticipation of the mail was like Christmas coming three times a month. After reading the articles and picking out my favorite photos, for my door collage,

Notice the background...

Notice the background…

I would spend hours on end comparing articles to arrive at my own “truth” about the featured vehicles. (Thank goodness for the invent of the internet).

During high school a local car dealer recognized my passion for cars and agreed to teach me the business from the ground up; and he did. My training spanned from washing cars, to automotive technician assistant, on to parts inventory, then accounts payable and receivables (business office) and finally to sitting in on meetings with he and the manufacturer. He gave me a birdseye view, that only fed my infatuation with the business. Once he saw that I was committed and unwavering, he encouraged me to seek my own destiny in the business.

Funny, I never saw it as “work” though, in fact, it may be my fondest memories of high school and college. I enjoyed every painstaking minute of the ride!

Since 1986, my automotive career spanned many facets of the business. From the least desirable positions to others that far exceeded my wildest imagination.


*86-88 – “Right hand” to owner and dealer principle of a Pontiac franchise
*88-90 – Car salesman @ Pontiac/GMC/Subaru dealer
*90-92 – Car salesman @ Acura Dealer
*93-95 – Used car wholesaler/consultant (bought and sold used autos with dealers and local auto auctions)
*95-02 – Service advisor, Service Manager, Parts and Service Director (Acura dealer)
– General Motors Dealer Development Academy Program
*02-04 – Car salesman (General Manager Apprentice Program) w/ Mercedes Benz
*06-08 – Used car wholesaler

Note: 08- Present -Consistently serve as liason/advisor to friends and “friends of friends” throughout most aspects of auto ownership.

My free time is spent researching the business, the trends and as always, new product information.

If passion is contagious, my hopes are to contaminate you all…

If you’re looking to fuel your passion, tune in to News & Talk 138 WAOK, every Saturday from 10a until Noon and you can also follow me on Twitter @AutoNsider


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