By Rob Hamilton

The United States Men’s National Team was defeated in Extra Time by Belgium on Tuesday. Despite Superman’s, I mean Tim Howard’s, record setting performance in front of the goal.

So that part of this World Cup is over for most Americans.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stop watching… we’ve put together our Top 5 reasons to stick with the Cup:

5) Learning something new: Let’s face it, 90% of us that took time to watch the World Cup up until now actually learned something. Learning something new now and then is not such a bad idea.

4) The commercials: This has been like the Super Bowl for weeks. Companies spend countless millions of dollars on really well produced, and sometimes hilarious, commercials. If for nothing else, watch for the commercials.

3) The flopping: There has been some serious Academy Award worthy flopping going on so far in the World Cup. There has also been some really bad acting too. But overall, if two guys get near each other, someone’s falling down and screaming foul. Or card, or whatever they scream. don’t get me wrong, there have been some punches to the face, throat and back that belonged on Showtime. But mostly, just really good acting.

2) The drama: This World Cup has been FILLED to the brim with high drama. Goals scored in the very last few seconds of a match to crush another team’s dreams. Goals scored in Extra Time, again to crush one team’s dreams. Teams winning that weren’t supposed to make it out of their group. Tim Howard setting a World Cup record for saves. This has been an INTENSE World Cup. We see no reason why the intensity would die down now.

1) Great excuse to hang out at bars with friends: For many of us, we do not need an excuse to hang out at a bar and drink beer with our friends. But for the rest of us, the married surbanites, we need every excuse we can dream up. So you won’t be able to paint yourself red, white and blue the next time you head out to the bar to watch soccer. Big deal. Pick a time, maybe your of Dutch descent, or German ancestry, pick a team and run with it. Head to the Whitehall Tavern and join Dukes & James live on Tuesday, Jul 8th for the Semifinals OR head out to The Bird Rotisserie and Sports on Ashford Dunwoody Rd in Sandy Springs for the World Cup Final. Get out there… have fun… and watch some soccer!


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