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Professional golfer Michelle Wie finally lived up to over a decade of expectations on Sunday, when at 24 years old, she won the first major championship of her career: The 2014 Women’s Open.

Wie also won social media when she started posting photos and videos of a major celebration that included drinking from the trophy and twerking. Alas, those twerking videos have since been removed. From the looks of it, both Tiger Woods and John Daly have a little competition.

michelle wie  1 head in open trophy 14 Interesting Tidbits About Michelle Wie As Told By Her Instagram Account

(Photo Credit: Michelle Wie/Instagram)

Here are 14 other interesting tidbits I learned from Michelle Wie’s Instagram account.

1. Wie Is From Hawaii.

2. And she was a really chubby baby.

#TBT Back when I was a chubby baby ♡ #rollsonrolls #happybaby

A post shared by Michelle Wie (@themichellewie) on

3. She adores her dad, but they argue all the time.

4. She sleeps with her dog.

Sleepy time ♥♡♥

A post shared by Michelle Wie (@themichellewie) on

5. Wie graduated from Stanford, that means she’s pretty darn smart.

6. But, she still has a silly side.

7. Wie used to love bread. A lot.

Flashback to when I used to eat bread #preglutenfreedays #FBF #sourdoughanimals

A post shared by Michelle Wie (@themichellewie) on

8. But now she’s Gluten Free.

So you guys want the recipe?? Here it is ^-^ #glutenfree #vegan

A post shared by Michelle Wie (@themichellewie) on

9. Wie will eat Texas Bar-B-Cue, however.

10. And live squid without so much as a squirm.

Live squid!!!!! #eeek #yummmm

A post shared by Michelle Wie (@themichellewie) on

11. She’s pretty well traveled.

That time I kissed a camel #tabletopping #Dubai2012 #FBF

A post shared by Michelle Wie (@themichellewie) on

12. Has donned hair extensions.

My hair grew so long overnight! #holidayhair

A post shared by Michelle Wie (@themichellewie) on

13. Recently threw out the first “pitch” at the San Francisco Giants Game.

14. And finally, she has major sponsors like Nike and Kia. Which is why, I’m totally guessing, the aforementioned “twerking videos” were removed.

I LOVE my new 2015 Kia Sorento!! Riding in style. THANK YOU @kiamotorsusa #freshride

A post shared by Michelle Wie (@themichellewie) on

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