After a year of suspension for hugging a teacher last year, a former Duluth High School student graduated high school.

Sam McNair, 18, was suspended for a year after hugging a teacher. His story made headlines in December of last year due to the severity of the punishment.

Notwithstanding the suspension, McNair says he holds no grudges against Gwinnet County school officials.

“I actually thank them for doing that,” said McNair. “It actually put me on the right track,” he said.

Being a former lacrosse and football player at Duluth High, McNair had plans of attending college on scholarships, but the suspension caused him to not be offered money from schools.

Gwinnett County School Board allowed McNair to finish school online, but did not allow him to graduate with his class.

“It’s all right though,” said McNair. “I know God has bigger plans for me,” he said.

McNair says he has plans on attending Liberty University in the fall.

“Everything happens for a reason. So this probably will put me on a path for success later on,” said McNair.


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