ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – Trying to avoid the consequences of an upset stomach while on vacation? There’s now an app for that, reports Live Science.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention wants to help tourists avoid stomach ailments like diarrhea, so it created a smartphone app called Can I Eat This?

Say you’re traveling in an exotic location and aren’t sure about the beverage you’re about to consume. You would answer a few simple questions about which country you’re visiting, what you just purchased, where you bought it and what kind of packaging it’s in.

The app would then tell you whether it’s safe to drink or whether you should pour it out. If there’s ice in the beverage, the app will say “You probably shouldn’t drink it.” Ice is usually made from local tap water, which can contain harmful bacteria.

If it’s a juice that comes in a sealed container, the app says “It’s probably OK to drink.”

“With Can I Eat This?, you can be more confident that your food and drink choices won’t make you spend your international trip in the bathroom,” the CDC said.

About 10 million people contract diarrhea while traveling abroad.

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