ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) — Nearly two dozen middle school students were suspended for a Facebook post that the principal reportedly thought was a “threat” to the school.

WSB-TV reports that the original Facebook post called for students to break dress code at Cowan Road Middle School by wearing red. As the week went on, the post called for “everyone to walk out” of class and start “fighting and twerking in the hall.” The final post threatened students who might “snitch” about the plan.

Christopher Cagle, father of an honor roll student who was suspended, said the principal told him that the actions of the students were considered “terroristic threats.”

“To me, it was just a bunch of 13-year-olds acting crazy,” Cagle told WSB.

Cagle stated that his daughter’s punishment was too severe.

“You should at least contact us first and let us know to be aware of this and that way we could’ve disciplined our own kid instead of you all taking action against her,” he told WSB.

A suspended seventh-grade student said the principal told her she was a “threat to our school” for commenting on the post. She explained to WSB that she responded to the post saying “I’m in,” but never went through with it.

“No, because I was too scared and I didn’t wear a red shirt,” the student told WSB. “It would’ve been like I was actually a part of it.”

WSB reports at least one of the middle school students told their parents.

The school reportedly suspended the nearly two dozen students for 10 days.

The school did not comment to WSB about the report.

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