Sometimes I wonder if people driving those higher-priced German vehicles might not actually be happier in something like this.   I’m just sayin’…………….

VW’s EOS is a fun and functional little car…..a hardtop convertible that can seat four….that runs quite nicely with it’s 200 hp 2.0 liter turbo….that has a comfortable and connected suspension….and gets 22 city / 30 mpg hwy on regular.

And in the small world of hardtop convertibles, the EOS stands out as the only one that has a glass sunroof in that convertible top. However you like your sun, the EOS obliges you.

The top goes up or down in less time than it takes the average light to change….it seemed like it was around 30 seconds or less….so the EOS is ready to change pretty much whenever you are.

Starting in the mid-thirties, the “Komfort” level offers sun and fun for $10-$15K less than it’s better-known German rivals.

Less than $3,000 more gives you a spoiler, Xenon headlamps with LED running lights, 18” alloys and push-button start.   You’ll have an attractive perforated leatherette interior that looks a lot like leather, and in a top-down-car, will probably wear a whole lot better.

Low-40’s will put you into the top-of-the-line EOS…the “Executive” model…with rear cam, real leather, premium sound, and a premium touch screen with 30 gig hard disc.

Running through a 6-speed auto, the EOS is a delight to drive.   The 2.0 turbo has only a trace of turbo lag, and once percolating, it moves the EOS along quite nicely.

And size-wise, the EOS is maneuverable and easily park-able.   Our test EOS was the mid-range “Sport” model, and we really didn’t need, or miss, the backup camera.

The transmission’s “Sport” setting wasn’t really needed, either….as the EOS runs just fine in “regular” mode.   Personally, I’d only use Sport on a truly twisty mountain two-lane.

While a convertible hardtop like Volkswagen’s EOS may seem to be the best of both worlds, the one thing it’ll cost you is trunk space.   That folding top has to go somewhere, right?

But if trunk space is not a big deal for you, just jump in an EOS and enjoyDSCN5927DSCN5933DSCN5928DSCN5929DSCN5931!


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