ATLANTA (CBS ATLANTA) — A massive expansion of an online community battling what they call “gang-stalking” has occurred in recent years, with the spread of thousands of websites, videos and organized events for followers of the movement. Those who believe “gang stalkers” exist publicly and brazenly express their concerns that there is a systematic form of electronic and physical pursuit of “targeted individuals” being conducted by government and corporate entities.

Videos show purported victims of “gang-stalking” physically approaching and filming U.S. Postal Service employees, electrical company technicians, and people simply walking down the street to implore them to stop gang-stalking them. One viral video poster repeatedly shouts that she “has done nothing wrong,” and that the seemingly dumbfounded “gang-stalkers” should “stop following” her.

Gang-stalking bloggers utilize thousands of likes, shares and video posts describing gang-stalking as “a highly criminal campaign, one directed at a Target Individual, and one that aims to destroy an innocent persons life through covert harassments, malicious slander and carefully crafted and executed psychological attacks.”

By nature of their fears, gang-stalking victims and those in the organized stalking online community are difficult to contact in a face-to-face meeting or via means not behind a computer screen.

The list of terms used to describe “gang-stalking” and the concepts that surround it are numerous and frequent, with comment sections to stories remaining one of the largest hotbeds of such discussion:

The varied vocabulary includes: “Targeted Individual or TI, Electronic Stalking and Mind Control (ESMC), gang stalking, multi-stalking or multiple stalking, organized stalking, revenge stalking, vigilante stalking, group stalking, baiting, brighting, gaslighting (named for the movie ‘Gaslight’), Orwellian surveillance (“1984”) handler, misconduct, noise campaigns, psychotronics, street theater, and swarming.”

Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance, an online organization that ensures other gang-stalking victims that they are “not alone,” describes the gang-stalkers themselves as “perpetrators.”

One website, “Gang Stalking World,” describes people’s “adventures with gang stalking,” with the bloggers adding, “I really didn’t choose this adventure, it chose me about six years or so ago.”

Last year’s National Security Agency leaks from Edward Snowden sparked hundreds of gang-stalking bloggers and websites, touting their accuracy and knowledge of the pervasive government spying all along.

Many websites declare that the Affordable Care Act is among many “lists” being formulated to track targets without their knowledge. “Whistleblowers” and the “outspoken” are among the most targeted characteristics.

“This is used as a means of retaliation, blacklisting, silencing, or controlling members of society. Once on the notification system, warnings about the targets are sent out to every individual the target comes in contact with, thus poisoning their associations, and socially annexing the targeted individual,” according to Gang Stalking World.
East Germany’s Stasi, the Soviet Union’s KGB, and the Nazi’s are commonly referenced as having used these “zersetzung” – German for “decomposition” or “corrosion” tactics to psychologically tear down victims.

In the majority of gang-stalking related media circulating online, at least one large body of government or corporate individuals is accused of targeting and attempting to control the lives of the alleged gang-stalking victims.

“This harassment includes electronic mind/body attacks, street harassment skits, destruction of family and other relationships and destruction of careers,” writes one blogger.

Most descriptions of gang-stalking claim that people are not only physically following them, but also that there are “psycho-electronic” mind control tactics being used.

A 2012 KMIR News report found a group of men who all believed that “corrupt business officials” and “rogue government officials” were sponsoring “synthetic telepathy” and other forms of “electronic harassment” that allowed them voice-to-skull manipulation of the men’s minds.

“How much more can you invade me, than to go into my brain,” Cathedral City resident, Randall Ringger, told KMIR-TV. “It sounds like somebody else is reading the book, except it’s thoughts,” said Palms resident, Kevin Bond.

“We’re not having a group hallucination, this is actually something that is happening,” said Palm Springs resident, Bob Stansfield.

“I started hearing as you’ll hear, hearing voices and what they’ll call voice to skull or microwave hearing,” said Bond, who said he’d found more than 300 people in the local community who had experienced similar electronic harassment.

Benjamin Simon’s Yahoo! Blog post describes his own run-ins with gang-stalkers: “Breaking in and vandalizing your home; Knowing you and your family’s schedule; Placing wiretaps/hidden cameras in your home. They usually have ties to, are protected by, or go easily undetected by any government branch (police, psychiatric hospitals…essentially any organization that’s supposed to help you). They are well organized, and seem to have unending resources (I’ve been followed at/around concerts, events, freelance job positions, many of which I found out about last minute). If you’re being harassed, forget about turning to higher authority to help you- they are usually the ones hurting you.”

Experts have noted a range of paranoid persons who deliberately fake accusations of stalking – someone who enjoys power through manipulation “mobilizing” others around their own lies, specifically to “reinforce a notion of himself as an oppressed victim” by concocting bizarre narratives.

A 2004 UK and Netherlands study estimated that 11.5 percent stalking claims were false, and that 70 percent of false stalking reports were made by people suffering from psychological delusions.

But there are those who truly believe they are being stalked, with such delusions often stemming from past situations where the person did feel targeted or mistreated and has learned to be constantly on the defensive.

“Tendency towards paranoia often originates from a place in which the person had to be hyper-vigilant to protect himself, whether physical or emotionally,” notes clinical social worker Laura Miller, adding that “there is generally a grain of truth at the base of even the wildest delusions.”

The ongoing NSA revelations have given nuggets of truth for wide-ranging theories across the online gang-stalking community.

Miller notes that on the “extreme end” of some of these communities, some sites “do more to sever ties between these people from reality and the grounding relationships in their lives and may serve as a poor substitute to real relating interpersonally.”

“The social isolation that results serves to insulate that person in a cocoon in which others can’t hurt him because he is on the defensive constantly,” explains Miller. “But he also pushes others away with his behavior in such a way that he is often left ostracized and lonely. The cruel irony that the very person who believes so many people are employed full-time to watch his every move is more and more alone as the delusion grows is deeply sad and potentially not unrelated.”

Gang-stalking is far from just an American concept.

In a study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, Pathe Mullen and Purcell compared twelve individuals who falsely claimed to be victims of stalking to 100 actual stalking victims.

The study found that false victims “consumed more medical services” than genuine stalking victims, and were “more likely to be embroiled in legal action” as well as reporting their alleged harassment to authorities faster and more frequently than actual stalking victims. Conspiracy theorists frequently describe the use of “psychotronic weapons” among the many mind control techniques.

Psychiatrists and psychologists have at least partially blamed the internet itself for such theories, citing an “extreme community” that encourages delusional thinking – that people in red and white cars are watching them, individuals lurking by their bedside as they sleep, and seemingly complete strangers are actually snickering at them in public, The New York Times describes.

Although the internet has helped many afflicted with mental health problems, psychiatrists suggest a “dark side of social networking,” where the mentally ill can have delusional theories reinforced.

“The views of these belief systems are like a shark that has to be constantly fed,” Dr. Hoffman told The New York Times. “If you don’t feed the delusion, sooner or later it will die out or diminish on its own accord. The key thing is that it needs to be repetitively reinforced.”

Hoffman added that many of his research subjects have mentioned that they have visited mind-control sites that have confirmed their own paranoid suspicions.

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  1. Gina says:

    I only scanned this article and I’m not sure if your intention is to bring attention to the problem so that America can be alerted about this existing vast and evil Depopulation Program, or if you want to excuse these activities by exploiting this seemingly fake example of a victim, designed to make all complainers look crazy. Government agencies and public workers like those in the video are in fact being used to stalk and harass American citizens, with no provocation. This here is a real problem that is only one part of activities set to rid this country of anyone who might oppose the coming New World Order. It’s experimental right now, but is intended to eventually affect every family in America (ushering in the anti-Christ). If that is entertaining to you, then so be it. That won’t change the fact that people are dying, sick, depressed, feeling unsafe, being accosted, violated and ostracized, not to mention being deprived of all civil, human and religious rights. Check out to start. I know firsthand and trying to fight it in court since it started with a lawsuit against a Georgia Mental Health Agency – that was just the beginning of the psychological and spiritual warfare. It is the most public secret that I’ve ever seen. People are brainwashed to witness for the government behind it, thinking it’s their civic duty. No one wants to believe their government is against them, so they lie and deny what they know and see. Through litigation and numerous witnesses, I hope to help change life for over 100,000 people across this country. I just say whether you choose to believe it or not, people should get informed and be ready! Life as we know it is quickly changing.

    1. Their senses are connected to 20 other persons, and their attention is shared with these ~20 persons. There goes a story with audio that tells bad things, and they start looking into people with 20 persons attention sense stacked, and they believe someone is staring at them. theres never a proof of any crime. only that they have illegal nuclear battery implant put in them when they were young. its like a satellite phone, but it transmits your and other peoples senses back and forth. the “microwave harrasment” is disinformation, while the microwave really transmits your senses via satellite to another persons, like a phone. But its an analogic low quality system, hidden in your mid body, not in brain. There goes enough senseconductors to connect the implant to.
      What they really do ? they study how another person can learn what another person does, and they later compare the brains. Thats why they need real healthy persons, who are still immobile in their carehome, and people think those have sicness that they cant sense their surroundings, or dont sense their senses (because the senses are connected to another man) . google kyle ogden, “onetelemetryman” . If you look at the clear blue sky, and see artifacts and tingling = your senses are effected by an implant. I kept the text short because im lazy.

      1. nmaat433 says:

        I guess I was drawn here to respond. Some 4 years later. But yeah, this article is the typical govt disinfo. No mention that Electromagnetic frequency weapons or directed energy weapons are declassified by the US govt/military and admittedly exist. No mention that the US military’s voice to skull has a commercial version, audio spotlight technology that is the proverbial smoking gun. You can imagine that someone had to be used as guinea pigs for testing out voice to skull in real world scenarios and that has been Targeted Individuals. For decades on end. And what I will wholeheartedly agree with is that this is life long targeting and illegal & involuntary experimentation. I can remember things from my childhood that were bizarre and they never made sense until my own targeting was revealed to me via a Voice to Skull (v2k) virtual interrogation by what was clearly heard by me and sounded like a white male. Strange? Well, since I’m a black woman, I’d say yes. It was obvious this was not my inner voice. Plus V2k is programmed to be completely negative. Everything programmed is negative and taunting. They know your specific insecurities, dislikes and perceived psychological Achilles heel. This is NOT one-size-fits-all programming or audio harassment. This is why I know it’s organized and it’s military psy ops. In order for them to create this kind of attempt at artificial intelligence and mind control/mind reading (it has that capability too) is by having you hooked up from birth or very early childhood. In my case, I believe it was from birth. They create artificial psychological trauma and then later in middle age, attempt to come in and ‘cure’ what they have created. Psychotic and maniacal doesn’t begin to describe what the US govt is doing hiding in plain sight. And like the cowards they are, I believe those involved in these covert programs are too cowardly to come forward and risk their livelihood and pensions, so they use TIs who have already been used as involuntary guinea pigs to reveal this to the general public. And hence, the reason our targeting is being revealed to us and why so many of us are telling about our experiences online. We are the canaries in the mine. Lured out b/c the miners are cowards and don’t have the moral cajones to come forward themselves.

  2. snap says:

    You who believes that organized gang stalking victims are all crazy and paranoid will believe this and only this no matter how much the actual victim is bothered harassed name called and made fun of during the day and night as well. Is this right? There is street theater where plenty of phoney I’m injured and other obviously phoney silly stories go and on just to grab the attention of the gang stalking victim to make one believe that there is all day every day grab ones attention antics that do not just happen on their own but take careful planing and lots of time effort and people willing to participate in such rediculous
    of antics.street singers/musicians changing the words in songs to all insult lyrics pertaining to the victims private life where others who live in the same building repeat the same insult words and phrases to the persons face!Dressing up in costumes obviously blatant and unavoidably weird and noticeable to anyone who isn’t blind where someone is dressed up in only costumes that portray exactly the subjects personal like dislikes or making one uncomfortable when certain awful subject matters are brought up in public and it’s not Halloween or any other excuse. My god you people are a big part of the organized gang stalking purpose for sure and that is to label the people this bleep is aimed at crazy. I know this and many other pretend to be hurt or pretend to be robbed when the people are laughing and joking about it soon afterward are only doing the phoney street theater act to make the target feel uneasy distract them from whatever they are busy thinking about and obviously meant to sidetrack and distract one from getting from point a to point b without constant interruptions and pulling ones chain etc. Joking around while surrounding someone when the people are laughing heckling and just plain giving the target a hard time by slowing them down in their pursuit in simply getting somewhere is annoying a set up and very much on purpose when this bleep goes on way too much on a regular basis! Get it? You obvious part of the whole problem you!Many unavoidably blatant nasty things are said and done to slow down or stop the target just from getting from place to another.I witness others being put through these things being labeled crazy and paranoid and that is a big fat lie. Others notice me being put do much about it and know I’m not imagining things and believe me and I compare notes with others who’s privacy is non existent and their private lives are being pressed into street theater and song lyrics changed around where only the target will notice it and it is obvious. Many instances too many to explain is happening way too often and that is the problem RIGHT THERE! Just too much bothersome tactics being deployed all day every day everywhere one goes! Other people it happens to believe me and I see for myself and believe them! So there!

  3. jameelrawlsblog says:

    Have you ever heard of gang stalking and or targeted individuals ? ? ? Gang stalking is when your monitored and followed under a neighborhood watch setting. It happens to people for various reason for me it happen because I was informing the public about government cover ups. Most people are not sure why it happens to them. If you go to YouTube and search gang stalking or targeted individuals you will see It happens to millions of people and there’s thousands by now speaking out about it online. In Facebook groups etc I’m from Norton Shores Michigan I am currently writing a blog on all this. Which will soon be converted over into a book. I have many YouTube videos on the subject as well. If your very skeptical that is totally understandable . But if this is happening to you your more than welcome to reach out to me for help. Or if your a gang stalker or become one I’m still here for you as well

  4. If you want some great advice on recover for this try

  5. I am being gangstalking bye corrupt law enforcement out of revere Boston cop neighbors Jose quiones his dad local police crime watch there trying to kill me electronic torture my name is sherri

  6. Jon Smith says:

    I am a TI for many years hearing voices is LRAD ultrasonic s type systems at 14500hz the pain is from microwave dish pointed at your house. Look for a sat dish pointed at your house.
    See this all sat dish s point to the south not at your house. Take pictures call the cops file a restraining order. Pulsed microwave is radiation you will get radiation sickness.
    I read about a gal that took her neighbor to court a dish was pointed at her house.
    Her lawyer proved that he was hacking her wifi (don’t use WIFI) wifi is easy to triangulate
    Your painting a bullseye on yourself every time you use it. Also proved that it was being
    used to torch er her with it. 200ghz- 800ghz and higher think no detector goes that high.

    My town is like
    east Germany make joke and your punished. I know it is homeland the feds and cops and

  7. Gangstalking Newspringville staten island ny i have benn attacked buy neigbors cuz of this gangstalker world better take me of police survulliance someone placed me under convert police investigtaion i have a vsd and if anything happnes to my heart they will hear from cardilogists the slamming of the door window harrasment conitinuted i found the lists and how they go buy the slander my name bieng used nighbors getting phone calls telling the idiot thta iam phediphiler crazy doing drugs and more which iam not mention there was agnastalker in front of catholic mooore high school i though she picking her kids but know she was just standing there i have along story they better take me off of convert police survulliance and i have adlearning disbalty i have a case thecommunty will be suied

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