It’s hard to imagine anyone driving this car without a big smile on their face.

And I mean “driving”……you know….as in with both hands.

The Fiesta is the baby of Ford’s family….at least here in the states…but this baby has muscles!

“ST” is Ford’s performance edition, and with the Fiesta ST you get a 197 HP 1.6 liter turbo, performance suspension, and just one choice of transmission….a six-speed manual.   Like I said…..the ST is for drivers only.

And those old-school types who still enjoy shifting for themselves are going to love the Fiesta’s clutch and shifter.   Smooth clutch action with short throws, this combination almost shifts for itself, and makes any driver look like a pro.

The ST comes only as a five-door hatch. Two fit fine in the front, but the back seat is going to be a little tight for the average pair of adults on a long drive…as you might imagine.

But that’s OK, because the Fiesta ST is not about hauling stuff as much as it is about just plain ol’ hauling…..and handling.

This is a quick little car.   197 HP in a car this small is a serious pocket full of power…..good for easy sub-seven-second zero to 60 times.   And it sounds great  getting there.   The engine makes a nice, throaty burble under acceleration.   You’re liable to find yourself shifting just for the sound effects!

Our test Focus stickered at just a hair under 26K, but we had $595 worth of “Molten Orange” paint and the $1,995 Recaro seat option….also in molten orange.   Once in, the Recaros hold you in place quite nicely.     And the Molten Orange actually emphasizes the character of this car perfectly….sassy and irreverent.

With a prices starting just over $22,000 and mileage rated at 26 city and 35 highway, Ford’s Fiesta ST can put a whole lotta’ fun into the average commute!



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