By Chris Goforth

Alan Fanger, Sports Legal Analyst out of Boston, joined Chris Goforth on the Night Show Tuesday to discuss Commissioner Adam Silver’s lifetime banishment of Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, from the NBA.

The ban comes after a recorded conversation between Donald Sterling and his now ex-girlfriend in which Sterling allegedly made racist comments.

Fanger said “[Sterling] has absolutely no recourse against the commissioner based on the decision made by Adam Silver today…When the Commissioner makes a decision concerning the suspension for the banishment of an owner, that decision is not appeal-able.”

Alan went on to say that there is one lawsuit Sterling may have: “One avenue he would have, however, would be an Anti-Trust against the owners individually.”

Another lawsuit Donald Sterling may have is one against his ex-girlfriend who leaked the tape of their conversation. “Under Californian law, that taping of the remarks would appear to be absolutely illegal.” Fanger went on to say, “If in fact that’s the case, and if the release of this recording ultimately led to him losing his franchise, then he would have a viable civil action…”



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