Attention people of the internet:  I survived the second day of CounterPoint!  I woke up on Saturday around 8 in the morning, which might sound early given the late night activities from Friday, but the second the sun hits your tent the heat is too much to sleep through.

The good people that put together the music fest took some serious measures to help the crowd come back to life in the morning.  There is a stage located in the midway, the area between the camp grounds and the main stages, that at night transforms into the silent disco, but during the day they host guided meditation and yoga sessions.  Namaste, everyone!

The food scene at CounterPoint is incredible.  Breakfast consists of egg and veggie tacos, breakfast sandwiches, smoothies and waffles.  We’re really roughing it out here guys!  Special shout out to Festi Cafe for supplying bottles of Sriracha.  A little heat goes a long way to help everyone wake up.

The Saturday line-up was stacked.  During the daylight, a super chill set from St. Lucia set the mood for the rest of the evening.  Just before the sun started to set, the Electric Lady herself took the main stage.  The crowd was so hyped up for her hour long set.  I’m going to go ahead and give Janelle Monáe the CounterPoint’s Best Dancer award.  Always an incredible performer, she spent a good amount of time interacting with the crowd and stepped off the stage to party with the front row.

Next up on my list of acts to catch was Foolsgold Records bossman, A-Trak.   His sets are always incredible and that was the spot to be at on Saturday evening.  Every conversation you had with people thereafter mentioned it as one of their favorites of the day.  Side note, if you are the pretty girl I was dancing with during A-Trak’s set, hit me up.  I miss you.

J. Cole was up next on the main stage and his energy translated to the crowd.  There’s something perfect about rap/hip hop sets at otherwise predominately dance festivals.  Even though this is only the second CounterPoint festival, they set the standard back in 2012 for having a solid selection of hip hop artists.  2012 brought us Big Boi, Wale, Theophilus London.  Here at CP14, we’re lucky to have Rich Homie Quan and Schoolboy Q in the mix.  Oh yeah, and some group called OUTKAST is taking the stage tonight!

Late night on Saturday didn’t let up.  DJ sets from Griz, Kill Paris, Above & Beyond were highlights and the silent disco ran until 5 a.m., just in case you thought anyone was going to get any rest!

Check out what went down on Friday here.


My name is Kurt.  I am at all the music festivals and on Twitter — @theactualkurt


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