New Wyatt Family Shirt

I bought a Wyatt Family shirt, it’s pictured above, it’s amazing. I want to be buried or married in it. That is all. Don’t stray…

WWE Legends’ House

WWE Network’s original reality show, Legends’ House debuted last week and features former superstars, Hillbilly Jim, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Pat Patterson, Tony Atlas, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, “Mean” Gene Okerlund, Howard Finkel and “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart. The show also features a woman named, Ashley, who I guess is the host and primarily serves as eye-candy for a show that stars old men wearing fanny packs and WWE T-Shirts. It follows the standard formula of shows like The Real World and Surreal Life, in which the stars live together in a house and occasionally get out for activities. The house itself is quite nice, featuring a moat of sorts, tennis courts, a pool and tons of WWE décor. The bedrooms are exceptional, each of them with pictures over the beds and two legends to a room. The premier is about what you’d expect, the various Legends show up, move in to the house and their first challenge is meeting their neighbors. You can already see there will be tension and camaraderie throughout the season, especially given the size of that liquor cabinet. The absolute BEST part of the episode is when the Legends meditated with Gary Busey. If you’ve never experienced the madness that is Busey’s vocalized thoughts, do yourself a favor and find some on Youtube. “When I get bored, I honk at Geese. [HONK]!” I think they assembled a good group of old-timers and if it makes it to a second season, I pray they do whatever it takes to get Ric Flair on the show.

Paul Heyman’s Promo Referencing CM Punk Cut-Off

While it continued on the WWE App’s second screen experience, a lot of fans noted that Monday Night Raw went to a commercial during Paul Heyman’s promo before Cesaro’s match against Rob Van Dam. While not unprecedented, it was unusual because Paul Heyman is one of the best talkers in the biz. In his promo he said, “Here’s a pipebomb for you. My client, Brock Lesnar, did what a Paul Heyman Guy couldn’t do last year, when he conquered The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania.” Clearly he’s referring to the recently departed CM Punk who was unable to defeat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29. It was probably just another way for Heyman to get under the fans’ skin, and I miss CM Punk as much as any fan, but let’s all promise to cut down the “CM Punk” chants until he returns to the company, ok?

WWE Seeks New TV Deal

According to an article in Variety the WWE is currently negotiating a new TV deal with its partners and is seeking a big increase in its rights which currently sit at $139.5 million a year. With the advent of streaming video services, on-demand and DVR, live event programming is more valuable than ever. Just look at the mega deals both broadcast and cable networks are doling out to the NBA, NFL, March Madness and NASCAR. The WWE’s two main shows, Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown are at least five hours a week, 52 weeks a year and are currently beating NBA playoff games in the ratings. I think WWE is playing it smart by allowing their contracts to expire around the same time and if I was a major network executive I’d take a hard look at what they offer. Sure, they ruffled some feathers with the launch of their streaming service, but I think they’re getting ahead of the curve and changing their business model away from relying on Pay-Per-Views and generating more money through their live events and TV offerings.

Kurt Angle Returns To Impact Wrestling

TNA Hall of Famer and most assuredly future WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle returned to Impact Wrestling last week after being on the shelf following an altercation with Ethan Carter III back in March. Kurt Angle is one of my favorite wrestlers of all time, a true Olympic Gold Medalist, he transitioned to pro-wrestling like few others before him. The multiple time WWE and TNA Heavyweight Champion has nothing left to prove. While his neck injuries and personal problems have hampered his career in recent years, you know when he’s out there, he’s giving 110%. While his disagreements with Vince McMahon are what caused him to jump ship in the first place, we know “time heals all wounds,” and hopefully, he’ll get one last run in the WWE.

Kane Puts The Mask Back On

Speaking of returns, we saw the end of Director of Operations, Corporate Kane and the return of the “Big Red Machine” as he decimated Daniel Bryan with Tombstone Piledrivers on the floor, stairs and announce table. Look, I think we can all agree masked Kane is better than unmasked Kane, but I had enjoyed his time as a slacks-wearing corporate stooge. It was a good move having Stephanie tell Kane she wanted the monster back last week and then showing how she couldn’t control him this week. My only complaint, is why have him continue to wear the wig with the mask? We know he doesn’t have hair and I think mask on the bald head would be way more intimidating.



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